Elijah's Story – Ghana

Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) Founder and President Dr. John Wagenveld says,  "The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us globally as national leaders in newly planted churches are having to find different ways of ministering in their communities." Please note that all of MNM's leaders around the world have been cautioned to reduce exposure and be safe while following the regulations set by their countries' governments.

Elijah Kwame Agbemavor grew up in a family of idol worshipers and fell into a bad crowd as a teenager. His gang used drugs and tried to use occult powers to attack their rivals.

One day early in the morning, Elijah heard a preacher sharing the gospel. “It touched my heart,” Elijah says. He prayed with the pastor and gave his life to Jesus Christ. With a new peace flooding his soul, Elijah became passionate to tell others about Jesus.

Elijah heard about the training provided by you through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) through his pastor. He quickly signed up. “Every time we started a new module, there was always new excitement to witness the results based on seeing people’s lives changing and communities being transformed,” Elijah says.

With his passion fueled by the training, Elijah planted a church in a village called Klikor-Lotakor. He enlisted more leaders to help with growing the church. Five are receiving the MNM training in Alfao.

One woman who had been sick for many years in Klikor was healed miraculously when she was brought to the church for prayers. This brought the attention of the chief and elders of Klikor and they visited the church. They saw people give their lives to Christ and the church is growing. Because of what God is doing with Elijah’s church, the chief donated land for the church.

“My greatest thanks goes to God for making it possible for someone like me to be trained at no cost,” Elijah shares. “There was no way I would have been able to afford the cost of training for almost a year so close to home. All this was made possible through the donor’s financial contribution.”

Elijah is thankful for such a strong system of guidance and help from the MNM team in Ghana and other leaders in the ministry. Without MNM’s assistance in the church planting work, he feels he would not have been part of these stories. In gratitude, Elijah is giving back by facilitating training in Aflao and across the border in Togo. “With the knowledge and skills given to me by MNM, I am more than willing to avail myself to train others who will need my skills. Freely did I receive, freely will I give.”

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