Edwin's Story - Tanzania

Edwin Nyerere is a pastor working with the Baptists in Tanzania. After completing his theological studies, he went to plant his first church in Butiama, Tanzania. However, he spent so many years without seeing his church grow. “The church was stagnant. It was not growing spiritually or numerically,” says Edwin.

Edwin’s desire was to see his church grow but he did not know how to make that happen. The Lord answered Edwin’s prayer through connecting him to Ezekiel Shihelembe, a database administrator for Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). Ezekiel told Edwin about MNM and the vision for a healthy church in every community. Edwin made the decision to be part of the next church planter class he could participate in.

Soon after completing the MNM church planter program you help provide, Edwin has experienced tremendous growth in his church. “Through the training I received from MNM, the church has grown rapidly in a very short period of time. We grew from 30 to 150 church members, something I have never experienced before in my entire ministry!” says Edwin.

Edwin remains grateful to the Lord for what He has done with his ministry. The training not only helped his church to grow but it also helped him grow in his relationship with God and to have greater understanding of church planting. “I think I was the reason why the church was not growing because I lacked the proper knowledge that would have helped the church grow,” says Edwin.

He shared his knowledge with his church members and they stepped up to serve. “They are now doing work I thought they were not able to do. I was completely wrong to think that I was the only one who had the power to do everything in the church,” shares Edwin. “But after teaching them what I have learned from the MNM church planter training, the work has become much easier and the church is growing.”

Edwin is currently planning on leading new church planter classes in Butiama, Tanzania where more people will come and be equipped for ministry.

“I think Multiplication Network Ministries is a gift that God has given to this generation to help strengthen His Church and plant more churches. It is my prayer that the Church will have a presence where it currently does not,” says Edwin.

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