Nestory's Story - Tanzania

Born in Kigoma, Tanzania, Nestory was raised in a religious family. He was taught to keep all the church traditions but never experienced a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. “I lived my

Nestory grew in faith and relationship with Jesus. He began to live in accordance to God’s Word. He eventually felt God was calling him into ministry. In 2002, he planted his first church in Kagongwa but then God’s plans led him elsewhere. “I pastored that church for three years and then I left,” remembers Nestory.

After he left the first church, Nestory served as an assistant pastor. It seemed God was preparing him for something greater but he had no idea what that might be. After serving as an associate pastor for 10 years, Nestory was transferred again. He spent several years planting and pastoring churches in several areas.  

Eventually, God began to speak to him more clearly about what he should do. He felt God leading him to take up more responsibility as a denominational leader. At first, Nestory thought it would be too big a task because he did not know how he would handle this huge responsibility God had put on him. However, in the midst of his unanswered questions and anxiety, God led him to Robert, a church planter and trainer from Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) who introduced him to the ministry and showed him how it could help him move forward in the work God had entrusted him.

Nestory was very excited after being introduced to MNM. “Church planting remains the only effective way that would help me grow the vision God has given me. In fact, church planting has always been my thing. It’s a burden I have in my heart. Consequently, when I came to learn about MNM, I did not hesitate at all because its vision for church planting aligns with what God has put upon my heart,” says Nestory.

Nestory is very confident that the tools provided by MNM will help him make progress in the new position God has given him. “With the quality of its tools and resources, I will be the first to recommend them to my pastors and encourage them to take this vision as part of their ministry. However, in order to fulfill the Great Commission, we need to make disciples and to do this, we need to provide the training they need. So effective training is necessary to help carry on the work,” says Nestory.

Nestory has an ongoing MNM church planter class and looks forward to celebrating the first graduating class of church planters. Nestory hopes to open as many classes as possible so more church planters can be trained.

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