Josephine's Story - Tanzania

Josephine Elia was born into a religious family but they were not living in a God-honoring way. Josephine witnessed her mother constantly drinking alcohol and she couldn’t do anything to help her stop. At the same time, Josephine was feeling pressure from her friends to get involved in activities that made her uncomfortable.

In the midst of this trying time for Josephine, her mother heard the gospel from people who visited her home to share Christ with her. Eventually, she decided to give her life to Jesus.

“I saw that my mother’s life was transformed after giving her life to Jesus. She stopped drinking,” says Josephine.

When Josephine’s mother was saved, she had such a strong desire to see her daughter saved as well. “My mother invited me to church with her but I was not willing.” Eventually, the Holy Spirit spoke to her heart. “I was compelled to learn more about Jesus and eventually accepted Him as my Savior. I experienced the transforming power of the Lord changing my life dramatically. It was such an experience,” says Josephine.

Now Josephine has a passion for lost souls. She is currently taking church planter training provided by Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) in Dodoma, Tanzania. Her deepest desire is to plant a church in her community so she can share Christ with her friends and those who are still living in unrepentant sin. “I did not hesitate at all when I heard about MNM. I quickly joined the class. As a result of the training I received from MNM, I have shared the gospel with many people and they have come to join us at the church plant,” she shares.

Josephine has confidence that the Lord will transform the lives of so many people through her work as she keeps abiding in God’s grace and putting her training into practice.

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