“Jesus met me in an ICU room when I was almost dying!” shares Grace Charles. 

Born into a pagan family, Grace grew up knowing nothing about God. Her parents worshipped their ancestral spirits as their parents had done before them. Grace’s parents made her believe that she should rely on the gods for her protection and wellbeing. “I was not experiencing the protection they were talking about because I was so tormented at night,” says Grace. She had so many questions that even her parents could not provide answers. 

At one point Grace got very sick and was admitted to a hospital. The doctors could not figure out what she was suffering from. She ended up on life support for a few days. 

Right in the middle of hopelessness, a woman came in and shared the Gospel with her. Grace didn’t hesitate but accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Her life was never the same, physically or spiritually. 

After leaving the hospital, Grace began looking for a local church in her community where she could be discipled. God led her to Pastor James, a church planter trained through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). Being part of a church has helped her grow in her relationship with God tremendously. 

As she was growing in the Lord and serving in her church, Grace realized that she had a passion for reaching people with the Gospel. Unfortunately she did not have the necessary training to help her become effective in what God called her to do. However, she heard about MNM’s training from her pastor and decided to be part of a church planter class in Sengerema. 

Grace has seen so much growth in her calling.“The training came at the right time not only for me but for my family as well. I was able to share the good news with my husband and he gave his life to Christ. Seeing my husband saved fills my heart with joy that words could not describe,” says Grace. 

Grace continues to preach the Gospel wherever God is leading her. She is so thankful to see how Jesus is using her to reveal Himself in the lives of His people.

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