Connecting in Crisis - Marcos' Story - Paraguay
Connecting in Crisis - Marcos' Story - Paraguay

Marcos Blanco is a church planter for the Assemblies of God in Paraguay. He is currently halfway through the church planter training provided by Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). Marcos has a discipleship group established in an area where the people have difficult lives and struggle to get ahead every day.

When Marcos learned that a state of emergency had been declared in his country due to the Coronavirus COVID-19, he knew he needed a plan to continue to serve the vulnerable people of the area.

Marcos organized several members of his discipleship group

to make food kits for families who would be affected by not being able to work or leave their homes. In each of these packages he wrote a verse and a note of encouragement for these families.

He also knew he couldn’t stop providing spiritual care for each of them, so Marcos prepared discipleship materials for the days of the quarantine, even providing activities for the children.

“The Word of the Lord teaches us to be light – this does not stop us. May we continue to advance and be strategic in the Work of the Lord,” says Marcos.

This church planter knows the work has not stopped and that this moment is crucial to show the love of God in a time of despair, uncertainty, and fear.