Ignacio and Leivy's Story

Ignacio and Leivy are church planters alongside their children Catherine and Rey. They are planting a new church in a community named Café de Herrera in Los Solares area of Dominican Republic. They testify that they have seen the hand of God work miraculously in the community and in their lives. When the family came to the area, God committed them to the work of transforming that community.

Prayer has been key for Ignacio and Leivy in the process of planting a house church. They have seen God’s promises being fulfilled through the physical changes within the community such as asphalt streets, having an electric light system connected for 24 hours, and regulation of the drinking water system. Not only has the community seen a transformation in its infrastructure but in the lives of the children and adolescents who attend the church plant.

Material progress is good but Ignacio and Leivy believe spiritual transformation is much more rewarding. The couple continues to work in ministering to children and adolescents, helping them develop their gifts and talents. Ignacio and Leivy have seen marriages restored and families transformed. The sick who ask for prayer are healed. They praise God that He is always doing something and answering prayers.

Without you, Ignacio and Leivy would not have had access to Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM)’s church planter training program. They share that it has greatly helped them to carry out effective evangelism. They have reached part of the community with the gospel of Jesus and are discipling those who come to Ignacio and Leivy’s house church so that they also may win others.

“We want to thank Multiplication Network Ministries for the trainings and the resources available for the task of evangelizing and discipling. We ask for your continued prayers as we as a family advance God’s work and fulfill His purpose for His glory.”