Aurora and Hector's Story - Mexico
Aurora and Hector's Story - Mexico

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Aurora and Héctor live in the community of Encino Solo in Tamazunchale, Mexico with their two kids. For them, meeting Christ transformed their lives completely. Before that, their lives and their relationship were strained.

“We had many problems in our marriage,” says Aurora. “Every time he got drank too much, he would be lost for three days. Eventually I did not want to hear from him anymore.”

Hector recognized that he had a serious dependence on alcohol and the strain it caused was negatively impacting his marriage. 

“We went through a very difficult situation because of my alcoholism and in search of a way out, I found Jesus Christ,” he says.

Both Hector and Aurora accepted Jesus and now they are part of the new community of believers brought together by a Multiplication Network Ministries church planter. Now Hector’s life is changed and they celebrate having a community where they can learn more about Christ.

“God’s Word says that Jesus did not come for the healthy but for the sick (Mark 2:17). When a man is sick is when he turns to God and recognizes Him and seeks Jesus,” shares Héctor.

“Being part of the church plant has helped us a lot and we are thankful there is a Christian church in this area,” Aurora says. “When we were lost, there were no brave people who warned us of the danger and what the enemy was doing. The thief comes to kill, steal, and destroy (John 10:10) but no one warned us. Now we are thankful there’s a place where we can learn this truth.”

Both Héctor and Aurora have been witnesses of the transformation and freedom that Christ brings. Now they are part of this new church plant and are committed to preaching the Word of God to others who have not experienced salvation, especially their own family.