Anna's Story – Tanzania
Anna's Story – Tanzania

Bagamoyo means “lay over your heart.” This city in Tanzania is where evil men brought Africans from all over the continent to be enslaved. If these enslaved men and women hadn’t escaped by the time they reached Bagamoyo, their chance for freedom was gone. Bagamoyo has a dark history and now the light of Jesus is shining through. One testimony of light is Anna and Siwadaha’s story.

Anna is in her early fifties and attended Alfred’s church. There she came to faith and learned about MNM’s church planter training that Alfred had participated in. Anna made the decision to be trained to plant a church as well. Part of MNM’s training is to determine which community needs the presence of an evangelical church. Anna’s pastor, Alfred, guided her to the town of Mbwego.

Anna immediately set about contacting the village leader and his wife, Siwadaha. Siwadaha was struggling with sickness and Anna prayed for her healing. Siwadaha was healed and after spending approximately $40 a month on witch doctors with no results, she and her husband became believers in the power of Jesus’ name.

However, Siwadaha quickly fell back into the practices of her youth. When Anna visited with her again, she made it clear Siwadaha must put away all her amulets and stop making sacrifi ces on the alter behind her bed. Siwadaha and her husband made the decision they would follow Christ alone. Siwadaha wanted to become pregnant again so Anna prayed for her. Neighbors in the community but pressure on Siwadaha to wear her amulets so that she would conceive and give birth to a healthy baby.

Siwadaha refused, strengthened by Anna’s love and attention. Not only did Siwadaha become pregnant but she delivered healthy twin girls! Siwadaha has found freedom in Christ and her baby girls will grow up learning that Jesus paid it all in a city that has a large Muslim community. They do not need to pay a witchdoctor for protection or work for their salvation as Islam demands. They are free in Christ!

Church multiplication and the power of the Holy Spirit are the reason for this freedom. You see, Michael Sillah, MNM’s East Africa Director, trained Pastor Hery. Pastor Hery discipled and trained Alfred. Alfred trained Anna and Anna led Siwadaha to faith. Now Anna is passionately sharing the gospel with others in Tanzania!