Alcides' Story - Guatemala
Alcides' Story - Guatemala

Alcides Lorenzana is the National Supervisor of the Church of God in Guatemala. He is thankful for Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) and the training that is available. “MNM’s ministry has become a great tool and a complement for so many churches and denominations,” he says.

Alcides shares that they are going to implement the church planter training within the denomination. “It makes sense and it is functional, even better than the systems we were using.”

His denomination has the goal of organizing 90 churches in 2019 to 2020. Alcides shares that the pastors are feeling an awakening and motivation in their hearts to be part of this project.

“MNM has a good program, such as the 12 modules to prepare the church planters and most of all, the work is of God and we know that hearts are touched by God,” Alcides says. 

He sees God moving in Guatemala. “There is an awakening, a joy, and God is raising up young people with passion. The leadership is perceiving all the movement and the [MNM] model is being implemented. Many are accepting the call to go and plant a church,” he says. 

Alcides gives thanks to God for allowing them to be involved in His work. “Our request to MNM is that they pray for us to be able to carry out the work of the Lord and that the Kingdom of God be magnified.”