Abigail's Story – Nigeria
Abigail's Story – Nigeria

Abigail Adeoye lives in the village of Elegbewa-Ada, Nigeria. Several ministers have previously attempted to establish groups or centers of worship in this community but it has always been an extremely difficult task. The community that Abigail lives in professed themselves as Christians but their lack of a center of worship and the way they were living did not speak to that proclamation.

This was the reality until Adedayo Babatunde, a church planter from Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM), came to visit their village. He showed concern and felt connected with this community. He gathered the people together to worship and to help them grow in their knowledge of Christ.

Through witnessing how Adedayo lived his life and hearing the teachings of Christ, the people completely changed their lives. Abigail and many others rededicated their lives to Christ during one of these meetings.

Abigail says she personally encountered the grace of God in her life through Adedayo’s teaching. Throughout her life, Abigail did not experience much success in the things she worked at. For a time, she even believed she was cursed because of the circumstances surrounding her life. Through the positive influence that Adedayo had in her community, she began to shift her habits and actions to be more Christ-like and to put her faith in Jesus.

Abigail shared her desire to enroll in classes and Adedayo prayed with her and asked her to trust God for a miraculous intervention. Two months later, a great miracle happened—after many years of trying to gain admission, she was finally able to secure her enrollment by the grace of God. Abigail is overjoyed and gives God all the glory. She rejoices that beyond the blessings God has given to her, for the first time, her community now has a worship center where everyone can gather together to worship and pray to God. Through the ministry of an MNM church planter, her life was transformed and she rediscovered the path of ministry that God was calling her on.