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Ministry Updates

Francisco's Story - Spain

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Francisco's StoryFrancisco is grateful to have received the church planter training provided by Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). He is a student of the first group of leaders receiving the training through his denomination in Córdoba, Spain.

“I thank God for what the church planter training with MNM has meant for my life,” Francisco says.

He was so impressed with the passion he saw in the leadership team as they taught the material. “Seeing them so convinced themselves has helped me to have more confidence in the whole training. I consider the modules to be extraordinary resources.”

Francisco is responsible for the pioneering work that the church of Betesda of Córdoba is planting in the village of Villarrubia. His pastor Angel Bea supports his vision.

“We are a small group but active in the call that the Lord has made to each one of us,” Francisco shares. One of their activities is to go out to eat together and spend time with friends while at the same time sharing the gospel.

“I want to thank the MNM team in Spain, not only for what they have taught me... Our vision has been expanded and enriched,” Francisco shares.

“Thank you for everything and your prayers for this group so that we do not cease in our efforts to continue sowing. May the Lord bless you.”

Benedicte's Story - Togo

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Benedicte's StoryBenedicte Waki lives in Togo and was raised in a religious family. She went to church but didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus. After finishing high school, Benedicte went to college and also was studying to be a tailor. She met a young man who went to church too and they began to date. After some time, she realized she was pregnant.

“I told him of the pregnancy and he abandoned me and ran away, leaving me to care for myself and the unborn baby,” Benedicte says. “Even his parents denied me and requested never to see me again. Life became difficult and very unbearable.”

Alone and in a difficult situation, Benedicte began to consider suicide. The day she planned to commit suicide, she was walking around searching for how to do it and she arrived at Yvette’s house, her tutor in tailoring. “Upon arriving, I met a man who was sharing the gospel with her. The man turned to me and began to talk to me too. He even quoted Scripture that spoke to me specifically without him knowing what I intended to do,” Benedicte says.

The man was Kavegue, a church planter trained through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). Benedicte shared her story with him and he told her more about Jesus.

“I felt relieved in my spirit and had hope in myself again. I desired to know more of God—if He could deliver me from committing suicide then I knew He had more for me.” Kavegue led Benedicte to accept Jesus into her life. With this newfound hope and relationship with Jesus, Benedicte is now living into her new identity as a child of God.

Empower Leaders in Latin America

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Jose's StoryJosé Raúl Galvis is a pastor in Colombia. He is the second generation of pastors in his family. He knew he was called to plant new churches and help existing churches become healthy—but how?

Then José was invited to participate in MNM’s training!

José was able to attend and complete Mission to Multiply, the church planter training provided by you through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). Since then José has learned how to help the fellowship of believers he leads to become healthier.

José learned how to accomplish what he was called to do during MNM’s training.

God opened the door for José’s entire denomination in Colombia to partner with MNM. Together they have discovered there is a new world of opportunities before them. Through this partnership, God is directing the calling He has given José and now that call can be fully realized. 

“By His grace, we are now developing a vision in our denomination of empowering and awakening the hearts of people in many other churches,” says José. Also, Bible schools and seminaries are now using MNM materials to teach biblically-based church planting in a healthy way. This is helping new healthy churches to be planted in Colombia.

José thanks God that he can work with MNM. “We find people with passionate hearts to serve Jesus and train them to begin a new fellowship of believers in their community. There are challenges, but there are also ways to overcome them,” says José. He is convinced of what Jesus says— “I tell you...I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it” (Matthew 16:18, NIV 1984). Even though there are problems and opposition, José and those in his denomination now understand and put into practice the training and tools God has given to them for church planting. This happens through your giving to MNM. “We can move forward and achieve what God wants,” says José.

José tells many stories of those transformed through his ministry after receiving the MNM training. “What we do is plant churches and see lives changed,” says José. They have witnessed firsthand the Kingdom of God being made known as people are trained, discipled, and developed.

God is changing hearts through YOU in Latin America.

Today the eternal destiny of entire families is in the balance in Latin America. Without a fellowship of believers in their neighborhood, some people will become gang members, robbers, criminals, and drug addicts. There are daily struggles for them to face in dangerous places but God changes the hearts of people despite their circumstances. José’s life is completely transformed and he is making plans for his future serving the Lord.

When you give to MNM, the light of the gospel brings hope, change, and transformation in the lives of people, even to a discouraged pastor.

Will you please help today?


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