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Ministry Updates

Violence Against Christians Increases in Africa

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Dear friend,

Recently I received an email from the MNM Director for West Africa, Mike Okuneye, that was very disturbing—he was responding to the message I had sent him asking about recent violence against Christians in his country.

“Hello John, Thank you so much, I am doing fine. I wish these stories were not true, but sadly it’s becoming a continuous occurrence in the North Central part of the Nigerian Plateau—Benue and Taraba have all been hit recently in a major way. We covet your prayers for Nigeria. Pray the Lord will console and comfort the bereaved families. Pray for adequate provisions for the displaced. Pray for lasting solution and peace to return to this region. Once again, I really appreciate your love and concern. Blessings, Mike.”

You can make an immediate impact in Africa with your gift.

“In what the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is calling ‘mass murder,’ 238 more Christians were killed and churches desecrated by Muslims last week in the west African nation of Nigeria. This brings the death toll of Christians to more than 6,000 since the start of 2018.”1. In his email Mike mentions that CAN is asking all Nigerian Christians to fast and pray. We value prayer. There is something additional that can be done….GIVE.

Your gift to Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) today will help a person in Africa.

A wonderful example of overcoming hope being found despite horrendous circumstances is taking place in Niger. This country shares a border with Nigeria and has experienced many of the same atrocities. Our MNM Niger coordinator Oumarou Issa recalls, “The churches are gradually recovering from the trauma they suffered as a result of the attacks of violence against believers in January 2015. The body of Christ has come out of that time with a clear vision and better strategies for ministry.” He goes on to say, “After discovering MNM materials and receiving training, in Niamey and at other locations around Niger other ministries have started to show an interest in partnering with MNM so the Kingdom of God will be made known.”

“Eglise Evangélique des Assemblées de Dieu du Niger (EEADN) is one of these partners and a key relationship for MNM at this stage. We have been using MNM modules to train the church planters that the EEADN sponsors as a denomination in the Makalondi area of Niger. They are targeting a suburb of Niamey called Sonuci. The desire of their key leadership is to involve MNM in teaching the church planting modules at their Bible school.” This is a strong indication that by your giving...

God is moving through YOU in Africa.

Oumarou Issa is happy to report, “We continue to survey other locations, and make new contacts with the hope of partnering with like-minded believers. One of these partners, the Association of Evangelical Christians of Niger (ACEN), participated in the translation work of MNM materials into Gourmantchema. The 12 modules of the MNM More Churches Program have been translated. We bless God for allowing us to accomplish even more translation work.” The next focus is Module M. This newest addition to the MNM library of materials teaches church planters how to interact effectively with Muslims and lead them from their false belief in Islam to saving faith in Jesus Christ.

Your gift today for Africa will accelerate this effort.

What Africa desperately needs today, right now, is peace! Political legislation and social relief programs are not enough to bring lasting change. People need Jesus! Only a gospel-centered approach will bring a change that can transform, bring hope, and offer lasting peace. “Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid,” John 14:27 ESV. Believers in Africa are finding Jesus and experiencing His peace in their hearts even while sometimes enduring the persecution of the Church. When you give this summer, you are helping the persecuted Body of Christ in Africa find true peace.

Your gift today definitely makes a difference.

Will you help?

Together in mission,

John Wagenveld


Ludís' Story

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Ludis' StoryLudís Morales has been a pastor for a few years with the Assemblies of God in Colombia. She shares that for her context, much of the focus is on mega churches. Pastors were taught to fill the churches that had been previously established instead of planting new ones.

But last year, this reality changed when they realized that the population was still growing, but not its large churches. It was clear that there were many who needed to be reached. Ludís says that when they started looking into church planting, they realized there was another way to reach the people – going into their communities and providing them with a place of worship.

Due to her years serving as a pastor, Ludís was invited to be a multiplier in her area. A multiplier is someone who is trained in the church planter process provided by Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) and then teaches it to future church planters. Ludís accepted the work wholeheartedly. She feels there is still so much to do to fulfill the Great Commission and doesn’t want to be locked up in a great church building.

Once Ludís was trained as a multiplier, she shares she felt more empowered to instruct future church planters in the process and above all to implement the vision of seeing more churches throughout Colombia. She knows having more churches will impact thousands of people who do not yet know Christ.

Among Ludís’ favorite tools is the mentoring manual. She knows it is vital for church planters to have someone to accompany them on the journey, especially when the mentor has experience in ministry and church planting.

“I have been able to develop the ministry not only as a pastor but also as a teacher and I have had the privilege of training others,” she says. “I have seen that the church and the denomination can innovate and work with fewer resources in any given moment.”

Ludís is training several leaders in MNM’s church planter program and their prayer is that they remember that God has provided the tools and the training and He will also be the one to transform and impact entire communities through them.

Francisco's Story - El Salvador

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FranciscoFrancisco Alvarado Guerra has a firm conviction and is sure that problems and difficulties shouldn’t worry him. “I know Who I trust.” This is something he says to everyone who tries to intimidate him with insults and fear. Planting churches in the dangerous neighborhoods of El Salvador can cause insecurity. “When I go out, some people say I'll be going to where there are gangs of bad men. I feel happy and don't feel any fear. This is a blessing that came from God,” says Francisco.

Francisco lives in the Tilapa area of rural El Salvador. For him, church planter training has been the door that confirmed his call to the work of God. It also helped him overcome his greatest fear—teaching others. Francisco explains that where he is from, there is very little opportunity to receive an education, much less attend university classes. "I barely learned to read," he says. To him, teaching others seemed impossible.

Nevertheless, with the training provided through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM), he was invited to participate in the church planter training program and completed all 12 modules. "I felt excited that I could participate in the process and thankful to be able to do it," Francisco shares.

Since he completed his training, Francisco declares, "My fear of being in front of people has disappeared. During the program my mind was awakened by God to teach others.” He learned to follow a model of teaching one person and then moving on to teach another as part of a church planting strategy.

For Francisco, the MNM church planting program has not just been a form of training. It also provided him the tools that have allowed him to develop an effective approach to share the gospel and disciple the people in his community.

One important factor for Francisco has been prayer. This has been his favorite method of evangelism. As he prays for people he tells them that Jesus is the one who can help them. He is now disciplining many of the people he prayed for.

An obstacle for Francisco has simply been other people. They insult him and attack his character saying, “He is an illiterate field worker who doesn't know anything and the people are listening to him.” These are comments Francisco has heard while preaching the gospel. He knows the apostles lived through the same situation.

“Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus,” Acts 4:13, ESV.

“I am joyful in the Lord. These people have been talking badly and are angry because they need Christ,” says Francisco.

He continues to follow the example of Jesus and helps people when they need him. "Now they see they can't oppose what God does. I always tell them that there is so much that God can do. My own life is an example—I didn't want to know anything about Him. I understand them because I was like them," he shares.

Francisco wants to continue proclaiming the gospel in many places and to keep praying for the people’s needs. He also wants to help others become prepared to be leaders like him who will share Christ and see Him work in the lives of people who need salvation.


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