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Edwin and Mirian's Story

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Edwin and Mirian's Story"I never imagined having a church and I really never thought I would talk about God in my home,” says Edwin Mora. “But these have been the plans God has for us.”

Edwin and his wife Mirian live in Lago Agrio in the eastern part of Ecuador. They are currently serving together in the new church where they have been working with the young people and children.

"The people are open to the gospel and even though there are not many of us right now, we believe God is in our midst," Edwin says. He points out the patio of their house where they meet every Saturday and Sunday. Shade is provided by a tarp hung above.

Before they got involved in church planting, Mirian and Edwin went through a difficult time. Their marriage was about to end. Mirian didn't see any reason to be married to Edwin anymore. Even though they lived in the same house, they lived as strangers.

"I was never interested in having a commitment to God," Mirian says, "but I wanted to hear what the Bible said.” Gonzalo, another church planter, came to pray with her and share the Word of God. And just when she was establishing her steps in the faith, the news of possible terminal cancer hit her strongly. Nevertheless, Mirian decided to entrust herself in the hands of God and to believe that there was nothing impossible for Him.

Edwin also found himself with health problems and in addition to their marital struggles, it felt like he was hitting rock bottom. God touched Edwin’s life through His Word and in the middle of his affliction, he decided to get close to God and implore Him about his health, his wife, and the restoration of his home.

After eight months of constant prayer and medical treatment, Mirian received the news that her body was free from cancerous cells. God brought her and Edwin to reconciliation and they were baptized.

Edwin was discipled in the faith and also invited to work in his neighborhood as a church planter. He didn't hesitate to do so and shares that the church planter training with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) helped him to know how to teach others and to share the Word of God.

They use their difficult experiences as part of their testimony to encourage others to draw near to God. Even though things do not always go as Edwin or Mirian plan, they recognize that God is the one who has allowed them to begin this work.

"After seeing the goodness of God, we want others to hear the gospel," this couple shares. They continue to pray for the salvation of those who do not know Christ.

Rinchen's Story

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Rinchen's StoryRinchen* has been a believer since he was 22 years old. He heard the gospel when he was a bus driver and drove all over Nepal. However, he wasn’t living a life in service to the Lord. “I realized I was dead spiritually for many years. I was living without knowing Jesus and serving Him,” says Rinchen.

He began to share the gospel with others but he wasn’t always confident. That all changed when he took the church planter training with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). “The training is very good and useful,” shares Rinchen. “When I shared from the Bible before the training, people used to argue with me and I was not able to give them the correct answers. Since I have gone through the training, I have been able to communicate with people about Jesus and His love and grace.”

Rinchen left his driving job and is focused on sharing the gospel full time. He planted two churches in the last two years and is starting another. Rinchen desires to disciple those who come to his Bible study meetings and raise up leaders to plant more churches.

They meet in the home of Badal*, who Rinchen refers to as a “man of peace.” He readily accepted the gospel when Rinchen shared it with him and now Badal has opened his home to host the Bible study meetings. He refuses to accept rent and is even working on creating a better meeting hall in the upstairs—at his own expense!

Rinchen is so blessed by this. “We don’t have money to pay rent at another house,” he says. Badal’s house is close to the market so everyone can easily come for the fellowship. Rinchen will visit them if they can’t make it.

The training equipped Rinchen to reach more people with the gospel. “I learned from the training to build a relationship with the person before sharing the gospel with her. It has made me more confident and strong in faith.”

*The names have been changed and photo blurred to protect our brothers in Christ.

David's Story

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David's StoryDavid Zenatus is amazed to see what God has been doing through him. Being born into a Muslim family who also practiced witchcraft, he desperately needed God to bring him out of that situation. And once David was rescued from that life, he decided to live for Jesus.

David is now 35 years old and a fisher of men. He received training through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) and planted a church in Mbulani, Tanzania. This community is in the region of Pwani, which is predominantly Muslim.

“I am very excited to see what God is doing in the lives of His people in this village through the church,” David says. He has been witness of the great things the Lord has done so far. A light has now pierced the darkness of the village because of the presence of a church. “More churches need to be planted in this village and around the area because many are still unreached,” says David.

“It has not been easy for me to plant another church in this area, but the church planting materials I received from MNM helped me a lot to establish another community of faith here. I believe that the Lord will turn the whole village of Mbulani to Him. Big thanks to the MNM for the materials they provide,” says David.

Many people have been reached with the eternal gospel of Jesus. Lives are transformed, and the brokenhearted are receiving hope again.

David's Church


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