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Ministry Updates

Francisco's Story - El Salvador

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FranciscoFrancisco Alvarado Guerra has a firm conviction and is sure that problems and difficulties shouldn’t worry him. “I know Who I trust.” This is something he says to everyone who tries to intimidate him with insults and fear. Planting churches in the dangerous neighborhoods of El Salvador can cause insecurity. “When I go out, some people say I'll be going to where there are gangs of bad men. I feel happy and don't feel any fear. This is a blessing that came from God,” says Francisco.

Francisco lives in the Tilapa area of rural El Salvador. For him, church planter training has been the door that confirmed his call to the work of God. It also helped him overcome his greatest fear—teaching others. Francisco explains that where he is from, there is very little opportunity to receive an education, much less attend university classes. "I barely learned to read," he says. To him, teaching others seemed impossible.

Nevertheless, with the training provided through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM), he was invited to participate in the church planter training program and completed all 12 modules. "I felt excited that I could participate in the process and thankful to be able to do it," Francisco shares.

Since he completed his training, Francisco declares, "My fear of being in front of people has disappeared. During the program my mind was awakened by God to teach others.” He learned to follow a model of teaching one person and then moving on to teach another as part of a church planting strategy.

For Francisco, the MNM church planting program has not just been a form of training. It also provided him the tools that have allowed him to develop an effective approach to share the gospel and disciple the people in his community.

One important factor for Francisco has been prayer. This has been his favorite method of evangelism. As he prays for people he tells them that Jesus is the one who can help them. He is now disciplining many of the people he prayed for.

An obstacle for Francisco has simply been other people. They insult him and attack his character saying, “He is an illiterate field worker who doesn't know anything and the people are listening to him.” These are comments Francisco has heard while preaching the gospel. He knows the apostles lived through the same situation.

“Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus,” Acts 4:13, ESV.

“I am joyful in the Lord. These people have been talking badly and are angry because they need Christ,” says Francisco.

He continues to follow the example of Jesus and helps people when they need him. "Now they see they can't oppose what God does. I always tell them that there is so much that God can do. My own life is an example—I didn't want to know anything about Him. I understand them because I was like them," he shares.

Francisco wants to continue proclaiming the gospel in many places and to keep praying for the people’s needs. He also wants to help others become prepared to be leaders like him who will share Christ and see Him work in the lives of people who need salvation.

A Blind Man Preaching

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Antonio and Soleini's StoryDoctors told Antonio Sanchez about the disease that would make him blind. Despite this heartbreaking news, he worked to learn Braille. As Antonio’s eyesight was decreasing, his faith and desire to share the gospel with others was multiplying.

Being blind is a constant reminder of human weakness for Antonio. His life is very difficult and he could have lived in despair. But this blind Venezuelan man said, “I felt God calling me to tell others about the salvation and hope they can find in Jesus.”

When Antonio was invited to be trained as a church planter with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM), he was eager to begin. His blindness could not stop him! Antonio finished the MNM modular training program in one year. He learned about a mission to multiply.

Not long after he completed his training, God called him to move several miles from his home to plant a new church in the community of Aguas Negras, in the mountains of northern Venezuela.

Planting churches is the best way to reach people who need to know God,” says Antonio. “That’s why I am always looking forward   to doing the work of a church planter as I teach the people in the remote village.”

One of these people is Soleini. Through your financial gifts, the good news of Jesus reached her. Soleini’s son was born with severe disabilities. She is certain the chemicals used in nearby sugar cane fields caused her son Jeiber Samuel to be born deformed.

Jeiber has partially-formed hands and feet. After his birth, Soleini faced a life of caring for her son and watching him struggle. “I felt desperate and could not find hope. I did not know how to accept the situation I was in until I was told about Christ,” says Soleini. She needed help in her life. Soleini came to Jesus and received salvation. “From that moment, I saw life from God’s perspective and I now can smile despite the difficulties,” she says. Each time Soleini hears Antonio, a blind man preaching, she feels happy and knows God has prepared good things for her and Jeiber. Antonio is a visible example of God’s faithfulness to all His people.

Edwin and Mirian's Story

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Edwin and Mirian's Story"I never imagined having a church and I really never thought I would talk about God in my home,” says Edwin Mora. “But these have been the plans God has for us.”

Edwin and his wife Mirian live in Lago Agrio in the eastern part of Ecuador. They are currently serving together in the new church where they have been working with the young people and children.

"The people are open to the gospel and even though there are not many of us right now, we believe God is in our midst," Edwin says. He points out the patio of their house where they meet every Saturday and Sunday. Shade is provided by a tarp hung above.

Before they got involved in church planting, Mirian and Edwin went through a difficult time. Their marriage was about to end. Mirian didn't see any reason to be married to Edwin anymore. Even though they lived in the same house, they lived as strangers.

"I was never interested in having a commitment to God," Mirian says, "but I wanted to hear what the Bible said.” Gonzalo, another church planter, came to pray with her and share the Word of God. And just when she was establishing her steps in the faith, the news of possible terminal cancer hit her strongly. Nevertheless, Mirian decided to entrust herself in the hands of God and to believe that there was nothing impossible for Him.

Edwin also found himself with health problems and in addition to their marital struggles, it felt like he was hitting rock bottom. God touched Edwin’s life through His Word and in the middle of his affliction, he decided to get close to God and implore Him about his health, his wife, and the restoration of his home.

After eight months of constant prayer and medical treatment, Mirian received the news that her body was free from cancerous cells. God brought her and Edwin to reconciliation and they were baptized.

Edwin was discipled in the faith and also invited to work in his neighborhood as a church planter. He didn't hesitate to do so and shares that the church planter training with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) helped him to know how to teach others and to share the Word of God.

They use their difficult experiences as part of their testimony to encourage others to draw near to God. Even though things do not always go as Edwin or Mirian plan, they recognize that God is the one who has allowed them to begin this work.

"After seeing the goodness of God, we want others to hear the gospel," this couple shares. They continue to pray for the salvation of those who do not know Christ.


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