Greg Stamm

Greg Stamm is the Eurasia Hub Developer and Trainer-At-Large for Multiplication Network. He lives in West Michigan, USA with his wife Jodie. They have three adult daughters and enjoying being grandparents.

Greg completed his Master of Divinity at Western Theological Seminary. For 20 years, he served as a church planter and pastor in the Reformed Church in America. In 2010 he experienced a very strong inward desire from God to focus his life on international missions and outreach. He prayed for God to open that door. He wondered for a while if God had forgotten this prayer but he now believes Multiplication Network is God’s answer to that prayer.

Embracing obstacles to ministry as a blessing is something Greg learned as he grew in his faith. Over his lifetime, he has learned to see financial, physical, and even spiritual obstacles as times when he had to lean on Christ more fully in faith and prayer. Sometimes it seems there is never enough funding, strength, or time to carry out the vision of Multiplication Network but that makes it exciting as we lean on Christ to provide!

As the Eurasia Hub Developer, Greg will continue to work in tandem with Daniel Pedraza, the Eurasia Hub Director for Multiplication Network, to grow our ministry so that healthy churches are multiplied in Russia, the Baltics, Ukraine, Romania, and beyond. In addition, he will also lead the task force to develop a fully orbed Stronger Churches strategy as well as contribute significantly to Multiplication Network's development work.

When Greg truly realized God’s desire for him was to help others learn to bear witness to Christ through the church (Ephesians 3:10), he says, “The vision of Multiplication Network became the most exciting place for me to join God in His mission to the world. I love and cherish each and every church planter who steps out in faith to receive training and to plant a church in a community so loved by God.”