Carla López
Carla Landhuis

Carla López was first introduced to the mission and vision of Multiplication Network while serving in Guatemala in 2013, where she also met her husband. After moving back to West Michigan, Carla joined the Multiplication Network team as Communication Intern in July 2013. She began working full-time as the Communication Editor in January 2014. As her responsibilities grew, she transitioned into the role of Communication Coordinator in July 2020. Two years later, Carla was promoted to the position of Director of Communication.

Throughout the years, Carla has enjoyed the experience of meeting church planters face-to-face and seeing the communities of faith they are leading. Their passion for the Lord and sharing the Gospel is contagious and Carla is grateful to be part of telling their stories. As Director of Communication, she works with the team of communication professionals to share these testimonies of transformation to engage and encourage the people who support the work of Multiplication Network.

Carla and her husband Andres live with their three children in Guatemala City, Guatemala.