Carla López
Carla Landhuis

Carla joined the MNM team as a communication intern in July 2013 and began working full-time as the Communication Editor in January 2014. As her responsibilities grew, she transitioned into the role of Communication Coordinator in July 2020.

She graduated from Grand Valley State University in December 2012 with a double major in English and Spanish Language and Literature. Immediately after graduating, Carla served in Guatemala for five months, where she met her husband Andres. Leading a short-term mission trip to the Dominican Republic and her time in Guatemala has increased her awareness and love of Latin American cultures.

The combination of her academic studies and international experience allows Carla to collaborate well with the Communication Team to develop, review, and edit communication pieces to serve the global team.

Carla and Andres live with their three children in Guatemala City, Guatemala.