More Churches

more churchesMore Churches is a modular program for church planting. Leaders are challenged to plant churches with this proven strategy. Practical skills, biblical training, mentoring, and follow-up form part of this intensive action/reflection model.

Step 1: The Introduction to More Churches is a one-day workshop about the tasks and challenges of starting a new congregation. The content prepares leaders to decide if church planting is a task they are ready to tackle.

Step 2: The Church Planter Retreat is a three-day intensive workshop that provides the basic tools to build an action plan and begin the task of planting a church. 

Step 3: This step is a one-month time of prayer and conversation between the church planter, his family, the supporting church and mentor to process the information, clarify the plan and develop a consensus about moving forward. Is everyone sure that this is the correct next step? MNM offers a Mentoring workshop for the mother church leader who will accompany the new church planter through the process.

Step 4: The 12-module program called Mission to Multiply provides just-in-time training and support both for ministry and for life.

Step 5: At the end of the year, if everything has progressed toward the development of a healthy congregation, the church planter finishes the program and continues to grow the developing congregation.