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Michael Sillah

Michael Sillah


Michael Sillah is the East Africa Director for Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM).

In 1995, a friend shared with him about Jesus and he gave his life to Christ as his Lord and Savior. Ever since Michael became a believer, God has placed a burden on his heart to bring the Good News to unreached people and to train leaders and church planters as well. He became involved in the church by being a youth leader, a praise and worship team leader, a Sunday school teacher, and an elder. From 1998 to 2000, he traveled extensively with his pastor in different rural areas in Tanzania to plant new churches. This gave Michael practical experience in the field of church planting and church growth.

Michael established a new church in Mwanza in 2003 in an area where drug addiction, alcoholism, witchcraft, and robbery were prevalent. He is so grateful that the church still exists and that it is a refuge for many people in that community. Michael worked as the General Secretary for E3 Partners in Tanzania from 2006-2010 and traveled in Tanzania and Burundi for church planting trainings. He became E3's National Coordinator of Community Development in 2011 (from January – December 2011). Michael served as the Assistant Regional Director of Youth Ministry and a Deputy Presbyter for the Assemblies of God from 2008 to 2012.

When John Wagenveld, MNM’s Founder and President, came to Tanzania in 2011, Michael heard MNM's vision and mission for the first time. In his heart, he knew God had sent him a ministry to complement his calling. He began working with MNM in January 2012. From December 2011 to 2014, he managed to plant five new churches and develop ten leaders from his local church who are serving the Lord in different communities of Tanzania.

As MNM's East Africa Director, Michael is currently working in 12 countries. He works as a liaison between church leaders from various denominations and other para-church organizations. Michael trains leaders on church planting and church growth, supervises the translation of MNM materials into different African languages, communicates the vision and mission of MNM, and shares how MNM’s strategy can be implemented with those who are ready to sign ministry agreements to work in partnership with MNM. He receives calls from leaders around Tanzania and other African countries asking for MNM materials and training sessions, as there is a need for these powerful, effective, and unique tools. He has developed the MNM East Africa Leadership Team (EALT) to work with him and expand the ministry in different parts of Africa. Michael, together with Mike Okuneye (Nigeria), leads the Africa Hub. He is also a member of MNM’s Global Leadership Team.

Michael, after using MNM's strategy for church planting and church growth in his local church, assures that it is simple, practical, and easily implemented. Many leaders who attend MNM workshops recommend their organizations to work with MNM.

“I praise God for His faithfulness in blessing me with an organization that shares my passion,” Michael says. “My prayer is that God will use MNM to train leaders in the Church and reach millions of people around the world. The church is the tool God has chosen so that THROUGH it, His manifold wisdom should be made known… (Eph.3:10). Let’s remember, a church that does not fulfill the Great Commission has no reason to exist. David Hesselgrave wrote, ‘If you want to plant something that lasts a season, plant a flower. If you want something that lasts a lifetime, plant a tree. If you want something that will last for eternity, plant a church.’ So, let’s plant more and stronger churches.”

Michael and his wife Neema live in Mwanza, Tanzania with their two sons, Bright and Brilliant.

22515 Torrence Ave. Sauk Village, IL 60411 - 708.414.1050