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Greg Staub


Greg Staub joined Multiplication Network Ministries in 2015 prepared to fulfill the specific calling God has given him to precisely communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ as he serves in the position of Director of Communication.

Greg earned his BA in Communication from Purdue University in 2012 and his MA in Communication from Purdue as well in 2014. While accomplishing his graduate studies, Greg taught courses at Purdue. He continues to instruct at the university level when there is time in his schedule. Greg is now focused on a DSC Doctorate in Strategic Communication at Regent University - Virginia Beach.

Greg and Patsy celebrated their 33th Anniversary August 16th 2019. They have four children and five grandchildren. He and Patsy are currently small group leaders and continue to have a call to missions. The Staub family served as long-term missionaries on the Amazon River in Brazil, in the town of Macapá, Amapá.

As Director of Communication, Greg communicates the global impact for Jesus Christ that MNM is experiencing.


22515 Torrence Ave. Sauk Village, IL 60411 - 708.414.1050