Matching Grant Opportunity - Church Planters in Spain
Matching Grant Opportunity - Church Planters in Spain

We invite you to be part of an exciting $52,000 Matching Grant Opportunity! A very generous Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) donor has committed to match your gift up to this amount. This means every dollar you give to the work in Spain will be doubled! Please take part in this incredible chance to immediately multiply your investment in church planting in Spain. Meeting the goal of this matching grant will mean more than 30 church planters can do what God has called them to do. Start a new community of faith in Spain!

Alfredo Vallellanes, MNM’s leader for the effort in Spain, shares, “So that you have an idea, in Spain, a country of more than 47 million people, there are still more than 7,000 towns with more than 5,000 people who do not have even one Christian witness. That is to say, there is not a church there!”

Incredible words, yet there are thousands of towns and villages in Spain with not one single evangelical church! No outpost established for the Kingdom of God.

As leader of the MNM effort in Spain, Pastor Alfredo directs MNM’s ministry programs. He is working with many different evangelical organizations in order to implement strategies for planting churches across the nations of Europe and northern Africa. Spain is a strategic location and God has directed MNM’s vision here for such a time as this.

Many Latin Americans have answered the call to bring God’s light to the land of their heritage. As they are drawn back to Spain and Europe to live and work, they become part of the Hispanic diaspora that is making a great difference to the Church’s landscape in Europe. The immigration and economic crisis affecting Europe over recent years has opened doors for the Church—in difficult times, people often seek deeper meaning in life.

The focus on communities in Spain that have no churches is key for the advancement of the gospel. Now there is a small but strategic breach in the armor of Spanish traditionalism that represents a unique opportunity to bring the Good News into this region of the world.

There are men and women of faith who know that Jesus Christ alone can bring meaning and fulfillment. They are determined to be witnesses of God’s Kingdom to those who are searching. This diaspora has become an opportunity for the spreading of the gospel specifically to Hispanics in this geographically strategic region, first in Spain, then Europe and even into northern Africa.

Please help MNM complete this $52,000 Matching Grant Opportunity by giving a gift to church planters in Spain today! Choose Church Planters – Spain in the options for fund on our Donate page.