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Ministry Updates

Elder's Story: Thirsty for Hope

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As Elder approached the door, he mentally reviewed how he would greet each of those who would join him to hear the gospel for the first time. Someone in the community asked him to come to his home and share the gospel. This was it, the moment his training would be used.

01 27 15 Elder graduation

Elder began by leading the group through some icebreakers. He learned in his training with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) to help the group relax, become comfortable and interact with each other.

Suddenly, the door opened and a man hurried in. His eyes searched the room until they met Elder's and he went to him. He explained how someone had invited him to attend the meeting and it was his first visit. He could not hold back his tears as Elder listened to his story. The man's son tried to commit suicide several times. "I am a desperate father," he told Elder. "My only solution is God."

Moved by the man's story, Elder said he felt his heart tremble and the only thing he could say was that it was God who had arranged for them to meet. Elder shared words from the Bible to give the man comfort and find hope for his family.

"This encounter encouraged me to keep preaching the Word of God and continue to start Bible study groups," Elder says. "It is a great experience to be able to see people thirsty for hope and salvation."

As a bi-vocational pastor, Elder works in house construction in Trujillo, Peru. But, he also works to build into the lives of others with the Word of God. When he was invited to receive the church planter training with MNM, he accepted with excitement.

"I am learning a lot, and I am using what I learn as I learn it," he says with a smile. Elder adds his desire is to not just begin more Bible study groups, but to use them as a catalyst to plant a church in the area.

Healthy Church Training in Colombia

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Healthy Church Planting in Colombia

It was a full house on Saturday, January 24, in Cali, Colombia. A little over 200 leaders, pastors and church planters came to be trained of the ten vital signs of a healthy church! John Wagenveld and three other ministry leaders shared the teaching time and it was all well received. It is only through the Holy Spirit that this is possible. Praise be to God for these leaders and their passion to serve Him!

Thanks for praying for the ministry in Colombia!

Pray for Niger: Update

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Pray for Niger: UpdateThank you for your continued prayers concerning the events that happened in Niger on Saturday, January 17. Below is an update with more information on what happened and how you can pray.

Saturday morning demonstrations around the Grand Mosque in Niamey quickly turned violent. Initially, the demonstrations were in opposition to the President's recent visit to Paris in solidarity in the fight against terrorism. Some took this to mean the President was in favor of the newspaper article making fun of the "Prophet."

Somehow, this anger turned or was used by fanatics to whip up emotions against Christians, bars and western institutions, and all of a sudden reports started coming in of churches being burned.

One by one, updates came in of one church then another vandalized, burned, pastors' houses being vandalized and burned. From 10am to 5pm this went on. The city security was caught by surprise and was not able to respond so the looting and burning continued.

In most cases, no fire trucks or police showed up. The wave of destruction was made up of young adults ages 13-20 years old. They were armed with clubs, machetes and iron bars. They moved from church to bar to church with no resistance whatsoever. Over 40 churches, schools, institutions and bars were burned and vandalized across a city of 1.5 million people. Orphanages and schools belonging to churches were also burned or vandalized.

Amazingly, Christians have shown the attitude of "If the church buildings are burnt, may they be a sweet smelling sacrifice of praise lifted up to the Lord." We are hearing stories coming out of the devastation of God's grace and protection. We have even heard of Muslim neighbors defending church properties from being vandalized or burned.

God is working and His Kingdom will advance. We ask you pray for strength and perseverance for the Church in Niger. Pray for church leaders to know how to respond to this attack with peace and hope. And please pray for the Muslims who bear witness to this, that they may see the praises rising up to Jesus and desire the peace that only comes from the Lord.

Thank you for your prayers as church planters pick up and move forward with sharing the Good News of Jesus, responding in love and not hate towards those around them.


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