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Ministry Updates

Joseph's Story

  • Published on

My name is Joseph. I remember when I first planted this church.  We had about 20 people who began attending our church services every Sunday morning. It was a great beginning to my ministry, especially in a remote village where most people were devoted to their ethnic religion.


I was very excited for what was happening then and at the same time anticipating a very large growth of the church in this area. Time passed and the church never grew. I was disappointed. I wanted a change but did not how or what to change. I questioned myself if everything I was doing was right. Where will I find the solution to this problem? I thought.

At the beginning of 2014, I heard of a ministry by the name of Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) that was providing training for church planters. I learned they taught not just how to have more churches but how to have a healthy church! I hope I can find answers as to why my church isn't growing, I thought.

I joined the MNM training right when it started and decided to apply what I was learning in my church. Suddenly, the church started growing! We now have about 90 people coming to church every Sunday. And, praise the Lord, we have two people from our church who have gone and planted two new churches in the area of Lunzewe and Ushirombo!

I just want to thank God for making MNM available to us. It is a blessing to us church planters who serve in very remote places and there would never be enough money to buy what we have gained.

Alexandra's Story

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Planting a church in a new area takes vision. It takes planning, intention and a lot of work. Alexandra is on the visioning team with her home church to plant a community of believers in Pedro Carbo, Ecuador. Her determined character is softened by her kindness and her smile.

Alexandra's Story

When Alexandra met the Lord a few years ago, she decided she would seek to serve Him in all the ways she could. Presently, this means spreading the gospel in Pedro Carbo.

"In this area, the people are very idolatrous and even though there are churches here, not everyone has heard about God," Alexandra says.

The process is difficult. Many people are wary of the gospel and close themselves off to its saving power. There are a few who do listen to Alexandra when she shares and they come to the Bible studies. However, there seems to be a disconnect between what they learning and how they are living their lives.

Despite this, Alexandra has not become discouraged. God is changing the community and she can see it in small ways.

"When I first came here, there were people who knew God but they had drifted away. Other people who went to the church felt shut off and could not see the work they could be doing," Alexandra says. "Now all of them know we meet every Friday at a certain house. We also have meetings in the park so people can hear the Word of God."

Alexandra received church planter training with Multiplication Network Ministries and learned how to motivate those already attending the church. She shows them the potential they have for impacting their community if they share the gospel with their neighbors.

In addition to this, Alexandra prepares the teachings for each Bible study meeting. She knows not to do this alone as that would hinder the growth and multiplication of the church. She involves others so they can learn how to lead their own groups and disciple others.

Alexandra has a vision of growing God's Church in this area. She is sure God will do great things in the lives of the people and their way of living will reflect a heart change.

United for the Kingdom!

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In the capital of Honduras, over 270 Spanish-speaking leaders from 20 countries met for MNM's 9th Annual International Conference. The event is more than simply sharing information and giving out important resources. It focuses on and promotes unity among different denominations and ministries. During the break times, old friends embrace and then turn to introduce their colleagues, expanding the network of alliances and friendships.

The leaders who met together on February 13-15 returned to their countries to share the resources and information they received. Bible League Canada, one of our partners, donated USB's filled with precious Bible resources, such as audio books, digital books, videos and pictures. Each participant also received a hard copy of Take Your Church's Pulse by John Wagenveld and Tim Koster and Masterful Mentoring by Gary Teja and Jim Oosterhouse. MNM knows how difficult it can be for Christian leaders to get resources to share with others and it was evident how grateful everyone was to receive the material.

The 10th annual conference will take place in Quito, Ecuador. Many participants expressed their excitement for another opportunity to meet with like-minded leaders who are passionate about engaging their ministries and their communities for the Lord. We praise God for allowing us to foster these relationships!

MNM International Conference 2015


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