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Ministry Updates

Marcos' Story - Panama

  • Published on

MarcosMarcos Palma lives in Panama with his wife and children. He says he met Christ when he was 12 years old in a Bible school, and since then he always felt a strong desire to serve God. Over the years he has been involved in many areas of service. The subject of evangelism has always called his attention.

Marcos was invited to participate in the process of raising awareness about the need for church planting. Through his experience, he felt a special call not only to evangelize but to plant a church. Marcos began to receive the church planter training provided by Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM).

In the training, Marcos learned to survey the area where he wanted to plant a church. Through this, he learned that Santa Cruz Final Pedregal has great economic and spiritual need. The people seemed to be without hope—they were just trying to survive.

For Marcos, it was a new experience to see a better way to create relationships and reach the people of this community through these relationships. He has seen the difference in his ministry as he has moved forward.

Something that moves Marcos is how the work of God can move forward with a broader vision than his own and can arrive and settle in places that are forgotten by the great churches and cities and from there a new community of believers can be born.

“I have had a good response from the community and we have seen families and lives transformed and changed by the power of God," says Marcos.

Edwin's Story - Tanzania

  • Published on

EdwinEdwin Nyerere is a pastor working with the Baptists in Tanzania. After completing his theological studies, he went to plant his first church in Butiama, Tanzania. However, he spent so many years without seeing his church grow. “The church was stagnant. It was not growing spiritually or numerically,” says Edwin.

Edwin’s desire was to see his church grow but he did not know how to make that happen. The Lord answered Edwin’s prayer through connecting him to Ezekiel Shihelembe, a database administrator for Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). Ezekiel told Edwin about MNM and the vision for a healthy church in every community. Edwin made the decision to be part of the next church planter class he could participate in.

Soon after completing the MNM church planter program you help provide, Edwin has experienced tremendous growth in his church. “Through the training I received from MNM, the church has grown rapidly in a very short period of time. We grew from 30 to 150 church members, something I have never experienced before in my entire ministry!” says Edwin.

Edwin remains grateful to the Lord for what He has done with his ministry. The training not only helped his church to grow but it also helped him grow in his relationship with God and to have greater understanding of church planting. “I think I was the reason why the church was not growing because I lacked the proper knowledge that would have helped the church grow,” says Edwin.

He shared his knowledge with his church members and they stepped up to serve. “They are now doing work I thought they were not able to do. I was completely wrong to think that I was the only one who had the power to do everything in the church,” shares Edwin. “But after teaching them what I have learned from the MNM church planter training, the work has become much easier and the church is growing.”

Edwin is currently planning on leading new church planter classes in Butiama, Tanzania where more people will come and be equipped for ministry.

“I think Multiplication Network Ministries is a gift that God has given to this generation to help strengthen His Church and plant more churches. It is my prayer that the Church will have a presence where it currently does not,” says Edwin.

Noemi's Story - Mexico

  • Published on

NoemiPastors Miguel and Alicia have a church by the airport in Mexico City, Mexico. They are very mission-focused and have three missions out of that church. One they are leading out of their niece and nephew’s home in Cerro del Judío. Mexico City is overpopulated and it is difficult to find the space to meet so this home is a huge blessing for them. 

Miguel and Alicia would drive three hours from their home to lead the Bible study but wanted to find someone who could take over the work. Miguel met Noemi Medina and they encouraged Noemi to receive the church planter training through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). 

Noemi has been working as a federal district police officer in Mexico City for more than 25 years. Noemi has seen a lot of violence and difficulties so she sees the need for the gospel daily. She uses her position to share the gospel with the people she encounters. The greatest intro she can give people is John 3:16. “When people hear this, they know there’s salvation,” Noemi says. She saw the training was a way for her to be more effective in telling others about Jesus.

After Noemi learned about evangelism, discipleship, and leadership in MNM’s Church Planter Retreat, she was able to take over leading the small group for Miguel and Alicia. A year ago they were able to start hosting worship services. 

Miguel’s niece Diana is so happy to see her home used for the Kingdom. Her own faith has grown more for having the church there. She knows God will fill that place. The road is long but she has faith. She is raising her two daughters by herself but her brother Antonio is a huge help. 

Antonio has also received some of MNM’s training. He is a taxi driver and says, "I was given the passion to share the gospel but I didn’t know how to do it. Through MNM’s training, I learned to facilitate conversations with others and share the gospel.” 

Antonio uses his job as a way to share the gospel. “When you begin to know God,” Antonio said, “you’ll realize God’s love is so great and there are no words to describe it.” 

Erica is another member of the church. She received Christ nine years ago but didn’t attend a church because she couldn’t find one. She has found a home in this church plant and was baptized on April 6. It has been a huge blessing that has touched her heart. 

“When we share the gospel, we talk about love and forgiveness. No matter what you’ve done in your life, He loves and forgives you.” Erica has shared this with others and they haven’t yet come to church but she has faith they will one day. 

The light of Christ has pushed back the darkness that was once rooted in that home and now it is a place where Noemi can disciple the believers in their faith. They continue they strive to be a light in their community. 


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