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Ministry Updates

Beautifully Simple

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"This is beautifully simple," José thought to himself when he first heard about God's love.

Church planter Didier had come to Guayabo to share the Good News with the people who lived on the rolling hills outside of Tegucigalpa, Honduras.

José's Story

68-year-old José was one of the first to begin coming to the worship services Didier leads. When Didier shared about Christ, José's heart felt lighter. José accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior that same day. He has felt joyful since then.

The church has grown, greatly in part to José. He has five children and 21 grandchildren and most attend the new church with him. Didier says that José also invited the majority of his neighbors and family to come listen to the Word of God.

When José was asked why the church is important for him, he confesses that he cannot read or write. "I have the Bible," he says, "but I cannot read and this is a struggle for me, but I go every day there is a service to be able to hear what the Bible says. I hold onto the words I hear. This makes me very content. I talk to others about Christ and tell them that only He can make them truly happy."

Didier combines evangelistic work with literacy classes, which he learned to do in his church planter training with Multiplication Network Ministries. People are now starting Bible studies in other homes. The 40-minute trip on winding dirt roads to arrive in Guayabo is not a burden for Didier. He is motivated to see people leave their idolatry and come close to God.

"There is a good amount of children who are coming. We have a youth group and meetings for married couples. A few people have left because the priest of the town has advised them to stay away. But others stayed and we haven't stopped teaching about God's Word," Didier says.

Being a church planter has helped Didier to grow spiritually as well. He disciples the members of the church and encourages them in their newfound faith.

José is thankful for the new legacy he can give his children and many grandchildren. "I thank God because His salvation is not just for me and more people are coming to church and it's growing," José shares.

Verónica and José's Story

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Verónica used to be ashamed of her husband José. He drank constantly and didn't respect their marriage vows. She was embarrassed by how he acted.

Verónica and JoséBut now Verónica is proud to stand beside her husband. José met Christ and gave up his sin. Once he saw the need for Christ in his own life, he saw how his community also needed the Lord. Kunkuk, Ecuador is a town where the people drink and party a lot. Families are broken from infidelity and alcoholism.

"I talked with Verónica and our kids about planting a church in our community," says José. "They agreed and we began receiving the training with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). With what we learned, we started sharing the gospel with our neighbors."

People began to come to their Bible study meetings. There Verónica and José lead them in singing and reading the Bible in their native language, Shuar.

"We are very happy and grateful to God. Our group has more than 30 people attending and I know they are happy to hear God's Word," Verónica says.

Because of this couple's work, the people of Kunkuk are changing their ways and finding true value in Christ. Verónica and José are grateful for the training they received from MNM because it resulted in a health church for their community.

Beatriz and Jaime's Story

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There is a saying among many Christians in Ecuador that it is very difficult to share the gospel with older adults. They are deeply rooted in their traditional beliefs and rarely are they willing to listen to the gospel. But the reality is different in Salamina, Ecuador.

María was trained with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) on how to plant a healthy church and Jaime and Beatriz are examples of God's faithfulness in this community as a result. This elderly couple believes it is never too late for Word of God to speak to the deepest part of a person.

BeatrizJaimeFor Jaime, it was very special to hear about Christ from María and is even more grateful that there is a place where he can continue learning.

"I like to come to worship services because it is a light in my life and God takes away all the weight I had in my soul—I feel liberated," he says. Jaime reads the Bible and his heart fills with happiness.

God's blessings have been evident in their home as well. For a few years, he had left Beatriz, but he learned he should return to her. "Beatriz let me come back and I renewed my vows to her."

Beatriz is thankful for the change she has seen in their son and for a church in her community. "That is where I meet God and we continue forward together. My husband and I are excited to be following this path."

Jaime and Beatriz' testimony is just one of thousands of lives being impacted by the Holy Spirit. Maria is confident that every Bible study is planting the Word of God and in time it will bring a great harvest.


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