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Ministry Updates

Vote of Confidence

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GaloGalo is not new to the training scene. He has attended many and his denomination has been working in church planting for several years. But he hadn't attended one like Multiplication Network Ministries' (MNM) before. Impressed, he recently participated in the Church Planter Retreat that took place in Salinas, Ecuador. Galo invited leaders from his church who are interested in becoming future church planters and trainers.

"We invited them because we know they have been waiting for an opportunity to work for God's Kingdom. We believe this is the way they can do so," Galo says.

The work plan they developed will empower them to work in a specific area of the region encompassing various cities. They will identify and train men and women to be church planters in their communities.

MNM's training has been a catapult for the church planting work Galo and his denomination wanted to do. Before, they didn't have the tools and didn't know how to go about it. Armed with MNM's training, they know how to prepare leaders to follow God's call.

"The leaders need a vote of confidence because they have the ability to respond. We have to invite them to be part of this process and motivate them and help them see their potential," Galo says. "This has been a new experience and we are seeing positive responses."

Frustration to Fruit

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SantiagoSantiago was feeling frustrated. He was putting in a lot of effort into the work he did with his local church in Managua, Nicaragua every since he became a Christian but he felt it wasn't producing much fruit.

The leaders of the church, however, noticed Santiago's perseverance and passion in sharing the gospel. As they began the process of selecting church planters for training with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM), they immediately thought of him because of his consistency in serving the Lord.

Santiago jumped on the chance to receive more training. He wanted to be as prepared as he could be to tell others about Jesus.

"I finally understand how to better focus my evangelistic work," Santiago says after a few training sessions. "I believe in my heart that the work I am doing now through this training will result in a new community of faith."

The area where Santiago is going to plant a church is not very open to the gospel but he knows God gave him this opportunity and the desire to teach others about Jesus. "A new church is always going to impact the community in new ways," Santiago says. He is sure God will touch the hearts of the people and is excited to be an instrument in His will.

Jorge's Story

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Jorge's StoryJorge Rodríguez has been a missionary for the Baptist Convention of Ecuador for a few years and says, "We saw a need to help the Church improve in our denomination." He is his denomination's coordinator for the More Churches and Stronger Churches program with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) in the area of Napo Galeras in east Ecuador.

One of the tools he has used to strengthen churches is Take Your Church's Pulse, developed by MNM. The goal of the tool is to create conversations between church members and leadership on how to better serve their community for the Lord.

"Thanks to the partnership we have with MNM, we found this tool and it has been very effective. It is helping to strengthen churches that have recently been planted and others that were planted years ago," Jorge shares.

To encourage churches to use the tool, Jorge has used a strategy of first familiarizing area leaders with the tool so each can motivate their pastors to work with their congregations to see the weak areas that God reveals to them and help them improve them. Under Jorge's leadership, 60 churches have used the tool.

He admits the work was not easy but worth it—"We found a few areas where we were failing in these congregations. In some we saw that the leadership did not know how to communicate the vision of their church and that was because there wasn't a vision! Another important area that was slipping was prayer and churches weren't paying attention to that," Jorge says.

Churches testify to the usefulness of the tool. They use the diagnostics to measure their effectiveness and then implement strategies based on their results. The positive responses have motivated Jorge to create a goal to have more than 500 churches use the tool.


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