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Ministry Updates

Heidi's Story

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Heidi's Story"A lot of people would say that to preach the gospel here is very difficult," says church planter Heidi of Quebrada de Agua in El Salvador. "But," she continues with conviction, "I firmly believe God can do great things."

Heidi had to go house to house to introduce herself to the people of the area and to gain their trust. El Salvador is a very dangerous country and gangs control the neighborhoods. But Heidi knew her calling and knew the people of Quebrada de Agua needed to hear about the true God.

During her door-to-door visits, Heidi met Esperanza. This mother of three opened her home to Heidi to hold Bible studies there. Esperanza is so happy to be able to hear the Word of God every week. "I feel joyful when I learn from the Bible. My kids like to participate in the studies too," says Esperanza.

Because Heidi reached out to the people and prayed for them, they began to attend the studies. However, not everyone wants to change their lives to reflect their newfound faith.


"The people here are good but the problem is when they need to live out the Word – it is difficult for them to leave their sin and their old practices, but I believe the Holy Spirit continues to work in them and the Word will give fruit in God's time," Heidi says with confidence.

Heidi prays for the people of this community and that they stand firm and are strengthened to face the temptations of their old lives.

In the picture on the left, Heidi sits with Esperanza (left) and another member of their church. 

Divided Church to a Stronger One

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ErnestoErnesto has been a pastor in Honduras for a few years but a couple months ago, they named him the lead pastor of the church El Dios de lo Imposible (God of the Impossible). "I received a divided church," he confessed.

The church was in a vicious circle—the membership would grow but then decrease in the months afterward. This was not encouraging for Ernesto or the congregation.

Some months ago, Ernesto decided to get involved with the trainings the Assemblies of God were promoting through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) and there he learned of the Stronger Churches program.

"We have gone through the process and from my perspective as pastor of the church, it has changed us completely," he says.

Ernesto and the leadership took the Take Your Church's Pulse survey and discovered weak points they needed to strengthen. They knew it would be a long journey but also that things were going to change.

The leadership presented the results to the congregation and made them aware of the need to make certain changes that would ensure the revitalization of their church.

"We didn't just use MNM's Take Your Church's Pulse tool but we also utilized other materials MNM provides. Through this we learned that making disciples was not just a job for the pastor but of the whole church. Disciples make disciples," Ernesto says.

Seeing his church become stronger has been a blessing for Ernesto and now the church has seen that God can do impossible things. Their church is growing into what God is calling them to be. They have seen the need to continue establishing faith communities as outposts for the Kingdom of God. As evidence of their commitment to being a healthy church, Ernesto believes they will become involved with MNM's More Churches program and plant a daughter church. Praise the Lord – the multiplication continues!

Darío and Freddy's Story

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Dario and Freddy's StoryGod has brought a physics professor and a professional chauffeur together to plant churches in the Ecuadorian Sierra. Darío (left) and reddy (right) have a shared passion to serve the Lord—they felt in their hearts they must fulfill what God was asking of them because the town of Maná had a great need for the gospel of Jesus. Very few people had heard about God's unfailing love. The only thing they knew were the traditions their parents had taught them.

Darío left his hometown of Latacunga to bring his whole family to Maná, two hours away, to work with Freddy in church planting. Freddy is a physics professor in the area but in the evening, he and Darío set aside their professions to dedicate themselves completely to the church plant.

When they began working in Maná, they began from nothing except their commitment to see a faith community honoring the Lord. However, Darío and Freddy were blessed to receive church planter training through Multiplication Network Ministries. The panorama of the work became much clearer—they learned the specific steps of how to form a church and understood the time it would take them.

Darío and Freddy began working with the children. "It was our way of reaching out to the parents and they came with their kids!" Darío says excitedly. For the first time, the people of Maná can hear the Word of God and learn how they can have a personal relationship with Him.

Now Darío and Freddy are concentrated on discipling and strengthening the 40 new believers through Bible studies. They also are focusing on raising up leaders who will be encouraged to share their testimonies of what the Lord has done in their lives.

These church planters are excited for what God is doing through their lives. They share that it has been a blessing to work together with the same vision to reach people with the gospel who have never heard of Jesus and the new life He has to offer them.


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