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Ministry Updates

Ouro's Story - Niger

  • Published on

Ouro's StoryOuro Akpo met the Lord during a time of crisis in his life. He left his job in Togo and came to Niamey, Niger. He became a science teacher and later worked as an administrative assistant. 

The pastor of his church recommended that Ouro take the church planter training provided through you by Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). He and four other members from the church started attending the training. 

“I count it a privilege to be part of this training because I have come to see that the training MNM gives is a good avenue for us to be equipped and increase our capacity to serve God,” Ouro says. 

“This training is giving me the opportunity to perfect my knowledge as a minister of the gospel and to be better equipped for church planting.” Ouro shares that he has learned a lot so far, including the characteristics of a healthy church planter, what is a healthy church, and the basic knowledge for planting a church. 

“I glanced at the remaining modules and I have found them to be very pertinent,” Ouro says. “I have great expectations that the remaining modules will make me more effective for the Kingdom of God.”

Jahaziel's Story - Peru

  • Published on

JahazielJahaziel Alvino is the Bishop of the Church of God of Prophecy in Peru. “Church planting is in our DNA,” Jahaziel says. “We have been planting churches since our inception.” 

Despite having a vision for church planting from the beginning, Jahaziel shares that Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) has been a great help in allowing them to perfect their church planting style and be more effective. 

Because of their history, they have had to overcome the fear of change with many of the pastors. “It is not easy to come from a style of church planting and to be able to implement a change to improve,” Jahaziel says. “We do it with patience and with the help of the Holy Spirit because we know this work comes from Him.”

Jahaziel is positive church planting is necessary work for his denomination. “We believe the most timely and effective measure of life transformation for the Great Commission is planting new churches since we develop leadership and can reach more people.”

Through church planting, they can share the gospel with anyone – a child who brings the whole family to the church, young people who are searching for purpose, or a married couple they can mentor and disciple. 

“The testimonies we have received from the moment people have recognized the Lord as their Savior and to see them changed and responding to the call of the Great Commission is one of the greatest treasures to us,” Jahaziel says. 

Musa's Story - Tanzania

  • Published on

MusaMwavi is a small village in Bagamoyo, Tanzania where 95% of the population is Muslim. Musa Joseph felt God’s call to go serve Him in that community. Upon arriving in Mwavi, he successfully planted his first church in 2017. “I have to admit the church I planted was unhealthy because it was not growing spiritually or numerically,” says Musa.

This was one of the hardest times for Musa. He wasn’t sure what to do to grow his church. One day, Musa met Hery Ndimanga, church planter and trainer with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). Hery introduced him to the ministry and the training that was available. Musa was excited about the prospect of receiving the church planter training so he could learn how to make his church healthy. 

Musa started taking the church planter training and after applying what he learned, he saw exciting growth in both his ministry and church. In a very short period of time, his church more than doubled in membership. 

“The training has been a great help,” Musa says. “The church’s presence is now being felt in the community. So many lives have been transformed as a result of this church. All in all, we have a lot to be grateful for to the Lord.”

Musa cannot explain how impactful this training has been to his ministry. “In all the tools I have received, the one I was most excited about is leadership. I have learned a leader should walk in humility before the Lord as he’s an open letter to those who follow him. This has also reminded me that the church will be stable if the leadership is good,” says Musa. 

With this in mind, Musa has launched programs to train more leaders in his church. “Our key objective this year is to produce more leaders in the church—not just leaders but competent ones by using the tools and resources I have received from MNM. We have already started doing this and we even had a leadership seminar at the beginning of the year,” says Musa. 

Musa has already started seeing positive outcomes of sharing the training with his church members and he’s determined to continue doing so. He highly recommends the tools and resources MNM provides. “I can’t express how this training has brought such a tremendous help to my ministry. I love the materials—they’re excellent,” says Musa. 


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