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Ministry Updates

Aloyce's Story - Tanzania

  • Published on

Aloyce's StoryBefore Aloyce Lubambula became a Christian, his idol was alcohol. He spent all his money and his life was very difficult. But God had a purpose for his life.

One day, Aloyce met a man who told him about Jesus Christ and how He had come to die for our sins. The Holy Spirit touched his heart and Aloyce realized he was a sinner and needed forgiveness from the Lord.

“After giving my life to Jesus, I realized how hopeless my life was without Him,” says Aloyce.

Aloyce then had such zeal for the Lord and was determined to share with others about what God has done in his life. A few years later, Aloyce felt a call to plant churches but did not know where to get the necessary training that would help him become effective in his call. Aloyce was confident God would provide.

It is so true that the Lord always finishes what He has started. One day, he had a chance to be part of a Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) church planter training in Katoro, Tanzania conducted by East Africa Director Michael Sillah. He was very moved by what he learned through that training. “This is what I have been waiting for to get the job done,” says Aloyce.

Right after finishing his training, Aloyce went plant to his first church in one of the villages in Katoro, Tanzania. The church is healthy and has many church members. He has gone on to plant several more churches and even led training classes.

“The training I have received through MNM has helped me to think outside the box and understand exactly what God has called me to do,” says Aloyce.

Abraham's Story - Costa Rica

  • Published on

AbrahamAbraham was born in a Christian home and always felt called to serve God in whatever way he could.

Some time ago he was invited to be part of the church planter training Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). “I feel it came from God because of this great desire in my heart,” he says.

Once he began the training process, he began to evangelize in the Río Frío community in Costa Rica.

“We started with evangelistic campaigns and spoke to the people of Christ but most were a little reluctant to our presence and complained about us,” he says. “But one of the people who came to Christ lent us a garage and we started to meet in that place believing God had a purpose for this area.”

After a time in the neighborhood La Victoria, where they were planting a church, he says the ministry became comprehensive – they started working with children, young people, and women.

“If the Lord calls you, He also has something ready for you,” says Abraham in the midst of his experience as a church planter. He says that by the grace of God this community is hearing the gospel and are being transformed.

Abraham asks for prayers as this church opens its doors. He also asks for prayers for the people involved in the ministry and that there may be more opportunities to continue sharing the gospel.

Marcos' Story - Panama

  • Published on

MarcosMarcos Palma lives in Panama with his wife and children. He says he met Christ when he was 12 years old in a Bible school, and since then he always felt a strong desire to serve God. Over the years he has been involved in many areas of service. The subject of evangelism has always called his attention.

Marcos was invited to participate in the process of raising awareness about the need for church planting. Through his experience, he felt a special call not only to evangelize but to plant a church. Marcos began to receive the church planter training provided by Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM).

In the training, Marcos learned to survey the area where he wanted to plant a church. Through this, he learned that Santa Cruz Final Pedregal has great economic and spiritual need. The people seemed to be without hope—they were just trying to survive.

For Marcos, it was a new experience to see a better way to create relationships and reach the people of this community through these relationships. He has seen the difference in his ministry as he has moved forward.

Something that moves Marcos is how the work of God can move forward with a broader vision than his own and can arrive and settle in places that are forgotten by the great churches and cities and from there a new community of believers can be born.

“I have had a good response from the community and we have seen families and lives transformed and changed by the power of God," says Marcos.


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