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Carlos' Story - Panama

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CarlosPanamaCarlos Belgrave started as a church planter in the area of Antón, Panama a year ago. After he received training from Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM), he visited the people in the community and began to share the gospel with them.

“At the beginning it was a great challenge to reach the area. We only met 3 people and it seemed that planting a church was impossible,” Carlos says.

Carlos persevered in his work and the people began to get to know him. Now he has a good-sized group and a place where the families can meet together to praise God.

The vision of planting new churches has been a great motivation for Carlos’ denomination. Carlos is now a church planting coordinator for the Church of God in Panama.

“We have been able to instruct and train many church planters,” he says.

Because of his personal experience in planting a church, Carlos can now teach others and share his own knowledge.

“Personally, the process of planting churches has been wonderful, and I thank God for making me part of this process.”

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