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Restored, Healed, and Transformed

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Lukia's StoryLukia Njige’s family declared Islam as their religion. Actually, they were immersed in the dark powers of folk beliefs and witchcraft. Neither was life-giving to this young girl from the remote village of Misungwi in Tanzania. To add to her hopelessness, both of Lukia’s parents were alcoholics and she followed their example into a life of bondage.

In 1980, Lukia married. Alcoholism was their common bond. To survive, they sold alcohol, which was made illegally. Their trade fueled their addictions and kept them in spiritual darkness. Lukia and her husband had eight children. Tragically their oldest child passed away in 2000.

In 2003, Lukia’s husband also died, leaving her to provide for her surviving children. Food, shelter, and schooling all fell to Lukia, and she did the only thing she knew—continue to sell illegal alcohol.

Lukia’s life seemed hopeless.

Lukia began to suffer from chronic insomnia. She was tormented through many long and lonely nights. “I went to see witch doctors. It was the only thing I thought could help,” says Lukia. Visiting pseudo-healers is still a very common practice in Tanzania. “The witch doctors did not help me and I only got worse.” She had never heard about the transforming power of Jesus. Lukia’s life was hopeless.

During these troubling times, Lukia’s oldest daughter heard the gospel and became a believer. Her daughter began to tell her about Jesus but Lukia was not open to hear this message. She kept on living a life separated from God and controlled by sin. Lukia’s daughter continued to pray for her mother and believed in faith that one day she would give her life to Christ.

Just this year, Lukia became very sick and went to witch doctors again for help but their efforts failed. “I felt like it was the end of my life,” remembers Lukia. “I went seeking help, and nothing worked.” Lukia had lost all hope. Once again, her daughter told her about the saving power of Jesus Christ. Having tried everything she knew, Lukia put her faith in God and His promise of salvation. Lukia accepted Jesus into her life and her hope was restored! “Jesus was the only help I needed,” says Lukia. “He was the only person who could save my life.”

Pastor MartinRestored to a relationship with her Savior, Lukia was still in need of physical healing. She was introduced to Martin, a church planter who had been trained through the Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) modules for More Churches and Stronger Churches. Martin prayed for Lukia. She was completely healed, and that night she slept soundly for the first time in 17 years!

Jesus dramatically transformed her life.

Today, Lukia is very active in the church where Martin is pastor. She has offered land to be used by the church. Lukia is receiving the same MNM church planter training that helped Martin learn how to plant a community of faith. Lukia’s entire family now worships together, in fellowship with other believers.

Lukia’s story, and that of her family and her community, has taken a dramatic, hope-filled turn. Because you gave to MNM, Lukia can say, “What seems impossible to man, is possible for God.”

“Today I am saved and my life has been transformed forever.”

“I am experiencing the joy of the Lord in my life. Someone has laid His life down for you and me. His name is Jesus, the Son of the Most High God. He is ready to take away all your burdens and pains. Just take a step of faith and welcome Him into your heart,” Lukia says.

There are thousands of people like Lukia in villages who need your help. Your gift will encourage hundreds of people in Africa to make a discovery that will transform their lives and the future of the entire continent. It all begins with one transformed life, a life like Lukia’s.

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Now Lukia is enfolded into a community of faith, hope, and love. 

P.S. Training a church planter in Africa costs $1,500. Your gift will provide the training to establish More Churches and Stronger Churches.

Renewed like the Eagle

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LuisAs a young man, Luis Rosales got caught up in the temptation of drugs and alcohol. He quit going to school and was on the streets for a time. Growing up with an alcoholic father, Luis had always told himself he’d never get that bad. “But Satan is astute and he knew how to bring me to the worst place,” Luis shares.

Luis felt he was dead. No one wanted anything to do with him. In the midst of this, he met someone. “God put her in my life,” Luis says. Teresa de Jesús paid attention to Luis when no one else did. Then God gave Luis one of his greatest gifts in the form of a beautiful daughter named Gracia Evangelin.

“My daughter was the turning point,” Luis says. “To see my daughter every day, I knew I had to resolve my problems. I felt the moment was right to go to church.”

When Luis went to the local Church of God church, it felt like the sermon was for him. The pastor said, “Come to the feet of Jesus. You are tired, you feel defeated."

“In that moment God called me. He told me, ‘Son, get up and come to me.’ The drugs and alcohol had done what they wanted to with my life,” Luis says. “I believed and I went to Him. Since that day I have felt the love of God in my veins, in my heart, in my soul every day since then.”

The leadership of the church noticed Luis had experienced a life change. They asked him to come into the office and asked about him.

“When no one cared about me, they began to pay attention to me. They asked my name, where I was from, and why I had reconciled with God.” Luis felt loved and cared for by the church.

Some time later, a man asked Luis if he would be interested in planting a church with him. Luis was a little stunned but he had given his life completely to God and wanted to be obedient. “I said to him, ‘I am available to what God wants in my life.’”

Luis is being equipped to better share his testimony and the gospel through the church planter training with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). Although he has recently begun, Luis is passionate about the work.

“We have to go and preach the gospel. We cannot stay quiet with this flame we have within each of us. We have to go and ignite this flame,” Luis says enthusiastically. He is doing this with his friend in San Martir, utilizing the training MNM has provided them. They have a children’s program on Sunday mornings and a Bible study for adults on Tuesday evenings. Luis shares that around seven adults are coming and they have 25 children who are participating in the children’s activities.

“It is a beautiful place, filled with needs like any other place,” Luis shares. They have seen how God is working to bring people to him. One lady, Verónica, was reconciled with God. Her husband is an alcoholic and she has found a loving community within the Bible study group. Verónica’s daughter is learning about Jesus through the children’s program.

Luis never imagined he would be planting a church. But he says, “I use my testimony so the people can see that for God there is nothing impossible.” He calls his past, which was once such a negative thing, his greatest treasure because of how God has moved in his life.

“As I said, the greatest problem in my life was not having Christ in my heart. Every time I get up and look at my daughter and she gifts me with a smile, it is a smile from God on my life,” Luis says happily. “I just close my eyes and rewind the tape and remember where I came from. This gives me greater strength to continue forward every day. As the Word of God says, I am renewed like the eagle.”

Prayer requests:

- For health

- For God’s protection in all the places they have to go in El Salvador because it is dangerous because of the amount of crime.

- So that God and only God will finish the work they want to see and that God will continue to give them the strength every day to continue facing each battle they encounter.

Finding Hope Again

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FamilyHow can I survive day to day when there is no food or money? Little by little, hope was running out for Lorena López. Every day, she never had a good answer to that question.

You see, Lorena and her family live in Venezuela, where there is not enough food or medicine. The country used to be one of the wealthiest in Latin America. Now the citizens have to wait in extremely long lines for limited food supplies that cost many times more than they should.

In Brisas del Mango, where Lorena and her family live, the situation is no different. Despite Lorena’s husband's job, they never have enough money and the next day could mean not having enough food for their two young children. Lorena and her husband Víctor Martínez were always stressed and worried what they were going to eat and how they were going to survive.

Many of the families' income does not provide enough to buy what is necessary because the costs are too high or because they couldn't find what they needed.

But how can a church impact this reality?

"A few Christians came to my house and they asked me if I wanted to hear from the Word of God and if they could visit me," Lorena says. "I told them yes but I thought they weren't going to return because this has happened with other people before and they never came back."

They began to visit Lorena every weekend and talk to her about Jesus and to read the Bible with her. One day they asked Lorena if she'd like to accept Jesus into her heart and she said yes.

For Lorena, Christ arrived just at the right moment. The stress of living in fear of the next day was almost too much for her. She would cry at night because everything was so stressful and weighed heavily on her. And even though the reality in Venezuela has not changed, Lorena feels that with Christ in her life, she has hope every day.

Lorena’s husband Víctor was also feeling the heaviness of caring for his family in this difficult time. His work seemed to slip through his hands like water and even though he tried hard, it wasn't ever enough. In the midst of this, he heard the words of hope Lorena shared with him.

Lorena's churchWhen the Christians invited him to the inauguration of their church, Víctor told his wife that he would go alone just for the food they were going to share at the end of the service. But when he was there, he knew God had been touching his heart for some time.

"When I was in this service, I remembered a dream I had had where there were various children and we were all meeting together. There I realized the church was this place in my dream and it was then that I said, ‘This was from God.’”

Now Lorena and Víctor have both accepted Jesus as their Savior and they have been baptized, being the first believers of this new church plant.

At this church in Brisas del Mango, they have found hope in the midst of difficult circumstances. Through the strength they have receive through prayer, discipleship, and the love of God, their reality has been transformed.


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