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Stronger Churches

Creating Stronger Churches

Stronger Churches is a process to strengthen the local church. These evaluative tools help assess the church's health and vitality, leading to strategic planning to enter into a preferred future. Then, the daughter is encouraged to plant a daughter congregation.

Step 1: "A Church that Makes a Difference" is a one-day conference that explains the key aspects of effective ministry and the functions of leadership. It prepares leaders to guide their congregation into a self-designed path towards greater ministry effectiveness according to the ten characteristics of healthy congregational life and mission.

Step 2: "Take Your Church's Pulse" is an instrument that enables leaders to assess the level of health in the congregation and evaluate key areas of ministry. It serves as a tool for self-evaluation and planning for the local church, addressing both quantitativeand qualitative factors.

Step 3: Church leaders work together in conversation with their congregation to build a strategic plan, which identifies the elements that they determine to be the most important to the health of the congregation and the steps necessary to have a larger impact on their community.

Step 4: We offer a toolbox of strategies designed to help a church target the specific areas of ministry that they wish to develop.

Step 5: As a church meets its self-determined goals, it celebrates what it is becoming by God's grace and through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is then challenged to consider planting a daughter church.

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