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My name is Leontina and I have been a witch doctor my whole life in Katoro, Tanzania. People came to me from many different areas to see if I could solve their problems. But even though I have a family and was successful in my work, I always felt a profound emptiness in my heart.

Leontina's Story

I did not know how to fill that emptiness. I had heard there is a God who saves but I was so dedicated to witchcraft that anything to do with Jesus was an obstacle to my mission.

One day, I received news that my 22-year-old son Charles had suddenly collapsed and was unconscious. I was not ready to lose my son and was extremely worried about him. After all my success with helping others, nothing I did to treat my son worked. I took him to other witch doctors but nothing they did helped either. I was desperate. There was no hope left in my already empty heart.

Neighbors suggested I go to the church and seek the Lord through prayer. But how could I face the God I had rejected for over 40 years? Would He even listen to me, an evil person full of sin?

My son's health kept deteriorating over time and so I decided to go to church and seek help. I asked Jesus to forgive my sins and heal my son if He desired to do so. I was determined to forget my past and start a new journey with the God I had rejected and hated for years.

By His mercy and grace, Jesus saved me and also gave physical healing to my son. The emptiness I felt has been filled to overflowing with His love. I am a new creation in Jesus Christ!

I was discipled for several years and in 2014, I joined the church planter training with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). At the very first training session, it was confirmed that God had called me to be a church planter. In November of that year, I planted a church. I am very thankful for the training because it has taken me to a whole new level in my ministry. There are now 17 people who attend every Sunday. We are growing and I cannot wait to see Jesus win my village to Himself.

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