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Shabani's Story - Tanzania

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Shabani's StoryEven though Shabani Ndalo was born into a religious family in Tanzania, she did not have a personal relationship with Jesus. She was drunk a lot and was quarrelsome and combative. Shabani didn’t get along with her husband and they fought almost every single day. In her eyes, everything she did was okay and she didn’t know to ask for forgiveness even after she had done something wrong.

Shabani had no peace in her life and especially not with her husband. They also struggled with having children, which drove another wedge between them.

She was completely downcast without Jesus in her life. Shabani searched for solutions to her problems but could not find any. One day, she decided to go to a church near her home that had been planted by Alfred Joseph. He had taken the training provided by you through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) and established a church in the Kotoro District.  

Upon arriving at the church, Shabani heard about Jesus and gave her life to Him. She explained to Alfred what she’d been going through in her life. He prayed for her and she immediately received the peace of God in her heart.

That was a new beginning for Shabani. Everything changed in her life and the peace of God is now reigning in her life and marriage as a result of giving her life to Jesus. Shabani and her husband grew closer together and they were able to have a child.

“The Lord has heard my prayer like He heard Hannah’s prayer and gave her Samuel. He has done so much for me. I am more than thankful to Him. I will serve the Lord with all my heart,” cries Shabani.

Peace has been restored in Shabani’s life and marriage. A woman who was known to be a drunk is now filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and ready to bring the eternal gospel of Jesus Christ to others.

Shabani is pleased to be part of a church. “Honestly, being part of this newly planted church is a privilege and a great blessing to me. They have turned out to be my family and my pastor has become like a father to me since my father passed away a couple of years back,” declares Shabani.

She believes God wants her to preach the gospel to the unreached people in her community and outside of it. She has a strong zeal for serving Jesus.

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