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Ministry Updates

Bryan's Story

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Bryan's StoryThe sunlight reflecting off the tin roofs momentarily blinds Bryan as he enters the small town. As his vision clears, he sees the familiar bamboo cane houses standing along the dirt road of the main street. Bryan makes this trip every week to share the Good News with the people of Etapa 3 in Durán, Ecuador.

Ever since he became a Christian at the age of 11, Bryan has been involved with the church. "I have always wanted to share the Good News with others so they can have a relationship with God," he says.

For this reason, even though he is only 19, Bryan has begun to minister to these people. He works with other young leaders under the guidance of Geovanni, a church planter in the area. Bryan receives training material from Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM), which he says has helped him in his work to share the gospel.

"It is not easy to tell the people about Jesus because when they see how young I am, they don't want to listen to me," Bryan admits. However, a few people have accepted Jesus as their Savior.

Encouraged by this, Bryan is motivated to continue his work. As his relationship with God grows, he wants to help others have a personal relationship with the Lord so their lives will change for His glory.

Planting the Seed

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Klever's StoryAfter hearing about God's redeeming love, Klever still had questions. "In my heart I always felt I had to reconcile myself with God but I didn't know how."

For three years, Klever carried his doubt with him. His life did not have true meaning and he knew he was missing something.

One day, someone took the time to answer Klever's questions about God. Klever learned he could have a personal relationship with Him. He immediately accepted the Lord into his heart.

As a farmer in the southern part of Ecuador, Klever knew a seed had been planted in him. He began to share the wonderful news of the gospel with his neighbors and friends.

But once again, Klever knew there could be more. He wanted to really impact his community with the Lord's love. He heard about a healthy church planting training with Multiplication Network Ministries and quickly enrolled in the program. Through the modules, Klever realized God did not want him to sit on a bench in a church—He was calling him to go outside, to bring the Good News to the people who needed it.

The training program encouraged Klever to do just that. He went out and is planting a church in the neighborhood of Baltrita. At the end of the training, he was part of the second graduating class in his denomination.

Klever continues to work with six families, leading them in the study of God's Word and discipling them. He is planting the seed that was shared with him and he encourages people in his Bible studies to do the same.

Alberto's Story

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Alberto's StoryWhen Alberto left Guatemala for the U.S., he did not know what lay ahead. But he had plans to make money and send it back to his wife and two daughters. Satan used this to tempt Alberto into drug trafficking.

"I sent a lot of money to my wife in Guatemala. The business prospered and I felt no remorse. I was poisoning people and destroying them even though I knew the ways of God," Alberto says.

Back in Guatemala, his wife did not stop praying for him day and night that he would return to the ways of God and to his home. After some time, Alberto had to return to Guatemala, but he did not renew his faith—he did not feel the need to return to the Church, much less recognize his sins.

Alberto's reckless lifestyle, however, was not without consequences.

He and his oldest daughter were traveling on a motorcycle in the city when some men stopped him. They grabbed his daughter and took her from him.

"I only remember my daughter's screams - 'Papi, help me!!' - and I was unable to do anything," Alberto shares through his tears. The men kidnapped his daughter because they knew his past and about his wealth. But Alberto didn't have enough to pay the ransom.

Between trying to find the money for the ransom and searching for his daughter, Alberto fell to his knees and gave his life to God.

"I told God I was going to serve Him even if He didn't give me my daughter back —I was going to serve Him with all my heart," he says.

Four months passed when they finally were able to locate where his daughter had been taken. Unfortunately, the house had been burned and they only found her remains.

The pain of losing his daughter was overwhelming. Despite this, Alberto returned to the feet of Jesus and asked for forgiveness for his past. He kept his promise to the Lord and began to serve him wholeheartedly. He is receiving church planter training through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM).

For Alberto, being able to participate in this process has been a blessing and an answer to his prayer to serve God fervently and to share the gospel with others. God has given him the opportunity to plant a church in Santa Lucía where the people can learn about something beautiful and give them hope in their despair.

"The people know all about who I was and what I lived, but I tell them that now I serve God because I served the enemy for too long. My daughter is gone but I am here as a testimony of what God can do. Even though two years have passed, I feel the same passion to continue forward," Alberto says.


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