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Ministry Updates

Gift's Story - Zambia

  • Published on

Gift's StoryIt is a miracle that Gift is still living. Gift grew up without his parents because they both passed away when he was very young. His grandmother took care of him but he struggled there and eventually left. He joined one gang after the other as he lived a life on the street.

Through the impact that Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) has been making in Zambia, Gift was one day reached by one of the MNM trained church planters who shared Jesus Christ with him. Because Gift was stone hearted, he refused to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

After several months, Gift got very sick and his friends decided to take him back home to his grandmother. He was taken to many clinics and hospitals but nothing worked. His family lost all hope of his recovery. Sadly, Gift heard his family discussing his funeral and burial. He heard their plans to bury him quickly to cut down on the cost of holding a funeral for several days. Gift was so sick that he couldn’t move or talk. He had to hurt in silence.

By the grace of God, Gift remembered what the church planter had shared with him when he was living in the street. He prayed to God for healing. Gift felt strength return to his body and he got up out of bed!

After he was recovered fully, Gift searched for the church planter who had shared the gospel with him. When he found him, Gift told him everything that had happened to him. The church planter led him to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

God used Gift to share the gospel with his street friends and a few are now following Jesus! Without the training provided by MNM, that church planter would not have been empowered to care about Gift and share the gospel with him. The Lord uses us all in small ways to make eternal differences!

Gerardo and Ingrid's Story - Costa Rica

  • Published on

Gerardo and Ingrid's StoryGerardo Morales lives in the community of Puntarenas in Costa Rica with his wife Ingrid. He says that a long time ago, he had been participating in the local church, a few minutes from his home. It never occurred to them to have a church in the area where they have been living for six years.

However, this changed for Gerardo and Ingrid when, together with the local church and denomination, they began to embrace the vision of fulfilling the Great Commission by planting churches.

One of the convictions they have in their hearts is that God is going to support this vision that they have only started six months ago as they have received training in church planting through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM).

Gerardo and Ingrid met some initial resistance from the community. Nevertheless, they continue to share the gospel and to tell the people that they are planting a church.

“We try to change people's mentality about Christians because many have a wrong idea and that has hurt. We want to teach them that Christ loves them, especially those who do not know Him yet,” Gerardo says.

For this family, the economic aspect has been a challenge but they have trusted that God can do great things, not only in their provision but also in the community where they are. For this reason they decided to call the church that will be planted “Jireh: God Will Provide.”

Both of them believe that this is just the beginning, and that despite the difficulties, God will work through them and little by little His Word will bear fruit, transforming this community.

"We believe this is from God. We believe God is in the process and we believe He will sustain us," they say.

Shukurani's Story - Burundi

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Shukurani's StoryShukurani Ingulima was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and at the age of 10, his parents kicked him out of the house because he was using drugs and stealing. Shukurani was forced to live on the street because he did not have anywhere else to stay. He ended up in Burundi and got involved with a group of drug users. Together they lived on the streets and stole things from people.

Shukurani and his team became a very big threat in the community where they were living. Everybody was afraid of them. Then, one day, he and his team stole a phone, not recognizing he was a pastor.

This pastor sent a group of young people to go investigate and possibly find the person who stole his phone because they knew exactly the place where Shukurani and his team of drug users usually hung out.

When they found Shukurani alone, they told him the person his group had stolen from was a pastor and he should return the phone. The next day, Shukurani came to the pastor’s home and confessed that he was the one who had stolen the phone. Pastor Augustin, a Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) church planter and trainer full of compassion, shared the good news of Jesus with Shukurani.

Confronted with the Good News of the gospel and grace, Shukurani gave his life to Jesus that very day. The Lord restored the relationship that was broken between him and his parents. “I was able to preach the gospel to my parents—they all thought I was dead but Jesus kept me alive,” remembers Shukurani. Through his testimony, Shukurani’s mother accepted Jesus as her Savior. Shukurani prays constantly for his father to come to know the Lord so his father can be rescued just as he was.


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