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Ministry Updates

Amanda's Story - Ecuador

  • Published on

Amanda's StoryAmanda Yuma says that since she gave her life to God, her desire has been to serve Him so more people will know about Jesus Christ. Amanda is Shuar, an indigenous people of Ecuador, and she has a heart to bring the gospel to people of her nationality.

"Lord, I want to work for you, to go and preach your word," Amanda prayed. God answered that prayer when the leadership of her local church, Centro Cristiano de Sucúa, became involved in church planting.

They invited Amanda to participate in the church planter training provided by you through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM). Excited, she dedicated herself to the training and planted a church in the Shuar community called María Magdalena. She didn’t stop there! Amanda is working in other communities to establish outposts of the Kingdom there as well.

Some of these places have no accessible roads or the conditions may be bad for her health but Amanda has a motivation and passion for the gospel that keeps moving her forward.

“I have to go and preach to bring the Good News to others. Just as I needed God to save me, so do the people in the faraway communities. There is no one to take the message because they are so far away. God uses me to bring the hope of salvation so they can know there is a Savior, so they can repent and be saved.”

Amanda shares that in one of the communities, she came across a sick man who had sought healing through medicine and witchcraft, but there was no remedy for him. “When I visited the place for the second time, the man was resigned to die because the witch doctors could not find a remedy for him.”

She shared with him about Christ and prayed for healing. The man accepted Christ and by God’s grace, he was healed. When Amanda saw the man was healed, she was reminded that God is the one true God. “Lord, you live and you healed that man,” she prayed.

“The Spirit of God is life, it is truth. When someone believes in God, their life is transformed. It makes you different,” says Amanda with deep conviction.

Sunday's Story - Nigeria

  • Published on

Sunday's storySunday Fasoyin is a native of Ibadan, Nigeria. He did not have a relationship with Jesus and dedicated most of his time to his work as a driver, not observing time to rest.

His unrelenting desire to pursue money at all cost made him go out on one fateful Sunday. As he was driving around the city, a man and his wife came around a corner, not seeing Sunday. His car hit them and the man’s legs were broken. His wife was rushed to the hospital and she later passed away.

Sunday felt terrible. The family of the woman wanted revenge for what he had done. The police took over his case and he was put in jail. Sunday’s family abandoned him. But God sent Oluwabunmi Adelekan, a church planter trained through Multiplication Network Ministries’ (MNM) program. She told Sunday about Jesus and His power to save him from his sins. After awhile, she asked Sunday if he wanted to give his life to Jesus. He said yes.

Oluwabunmi began to teach him how to pray and read the Bible so he could grow in his relationship with Christ. “I remember her telling me that she has seen God do impossible things,” says Sunday. They prayed together, trusting God for divine intervention with his case.

One day after Sunday and Oluwabunmi had finished praying, the officers came to tell him that the major general wanted to see him. Sunday was very afraid because he did not know what would happen. The major general said, “I have withdrawn the case from the court. You are free to just pay a little amount of money to take care of the medical bills of the husband of the deceased.” Sunday could not believe his ears.

“Jesus intervened. He did it so I could have my own testimony that I can share with you. Since that time my life received transformation and I can say Jesus is real! Praise God!” Sunday is now receiving MNM’s church planter training and is eager to serve the Lord.

Carmen's Story - Venezuela

  • Published on

Carmen's StoryAs a young child in San José de Tarugua, Venezuela, Carmen was curious about what the priest was reading from during mass. She wanted to know more about God but didn’t have her own Bible until she was 18 and bought one from a Jehovah’s Witness friend.

But she was unsettled by what she was told and what she read. “They did not sit well in my heart,” Carmen says. She decided to look for and compare other versions of the Bible. “I was curious because there were many differences between what the Jehovah's Witnesses said and what I found in the Catholic Bible or the Evangelical Bible," she says.

In those moments of seeking the truth, Carmen went through a separation with her husband and started to feel an emptiness and sadness inside her.

Carmen was invited to a church that was being planted near her area. When she arrived, she wanted to share what was happening to her but fear prevented her from doing so. However, her situation worsened and the emptiness in her heart was getting bigger.

“I talked to someone at the church and he told me it was God who could help me. When I started to go to church, it removed much of the emptiness and I felt a lot of peace,” says Carmen.

For her, accepting Jesus into her life as her Savior and finding a place where she could receive encouragement has changed her life. Carmen has opened the doors of her home so more people can hear the gospel and have peace in the midst of circumstances like she experienced.


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