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MarceloMarcelo Marcón is very involved with his denomination, Assemblies of God, in Chile. He is the vice superintendent on the council and was also the superintendent in the Norte Chico District.

In the last 65 years, Marcelo shares that they have planted 34 churches in that area. But there is still a great need to plant new churches. They discovered that the processes provided by you through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) would help them make a difference.

“We started a campaign to motivate leaders to plant churches in all possible ways and especially in our district. Many times, the structure of the denomination does not allow new ideas to be applied and that is a challenge we still have to overcome,” he says.

Marcelo says one of the key aspects during the planting process has been to involve not only the pastors but also the district supervisors. “We not only set the example, but we also show the results,” he adds.

After this great motivation, they also held awareness seminars at a national level and not only invited local pastors but also members of the local churches to encourage all of them in church planting.

“In some instances, the pastor was not motivated to plant churches, but when his membership started questioning why not, they began getting involved in church planting too,” Marcelo says.

“We already have many young pastors ready to continue promoting church planting, a generation of young people with significant potential,” he says. “We are now shaping the entire church planting structure at the national level to have the same effect as in the district where we started.”

Currently, the national leadership of the Assemblies of God Chile has seen the potential and urgent need for growth of the local church in Chile. They have signed an agreement with MNM to utilize the resources and tools now available to meet the goal of planting more than 1,000 new churches in the next few years.

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