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Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos Sornozo began working as a church planter in the area of Monte Sinaí, Ecuador, a place he had prayed to work. The training provided through Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM) helped him identify the needs of the area when he began the process for the new church.

“It's a place overpopulated with people who fled the devastation of an earthquake in 2016 and who now have very low self-esteem. People who do not have dreams. They do not care if their children fall into drug use. I learned about the problems of the community and vulnerability of these families,” Juan Carlos says.

For Juan Carlos, the great need for God to intervene motivates him to continue sharing the Word. Above all, he strives to bring hope and show them their lives can be transformed like his was—he was also rescued from drugs by the transforming power of Jesus Christ.

“We came to a group with few resources and began to work with these people who did not know Christ,” says Juan Carlos. “We started in tents and there we met with the people to disciple them.”

After hard work and several months of discipleship, Juan Carlos has seen God at work in the success of the church plant. Sowing the seed of strong, Christ-centered families and the community’s dedication to this mission is bearing fruit. "They are sharing this vision of seeing healthy families."

For Juan Carlos, it has been essential to present the complete gospel, one that shares the joy of salvation to the individual and brings restoration to the community. This has been part of his vision. He says to accomplish this, the vital characteristics of a healthy church have been very helpful in establishing a vision with a broad horizon and be transforming factors in this community.

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