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Gonzalo's Story - Ecuador

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GonzaloAfter Gonzalo Quimbiulco participated in the church planter training with Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM), he realized there was a problem with his local church—it had become stagnant and stopped growing. Even worse, there hadn’t been a tool to help the church have a strong vision and multiply itself.

But with the resources provided by you through MNM, Gonzalo strongly believed his denomination could combat this lack of growth. Motivated by his desire to see more churches planted, he went looking for a new place that hadn’t heard the gospel before.

God led Gonzalo into the Ecuadorian jungle in Lumbaqui. There he found a community where he could plant a church and raise up new leaders.

“We don’t want the people to stay inside the walls of these new churches. We want leaders who will be discipled, who learn from the Word of God, and who change their lives and can reach others so that growth and multiplication continues happening,” Gonzalo shares.

Gonzalo feels that now the local church and his denomination have been able to grow through evangelism. They have also understood the importance of discipling new believers.

“Before we didn’t know and we conformed. But thanks to God’s mercy, we have this church planting tool,” he says. Gonzalo has taken the vision of multiplication to heart—he has not only planted a church but continues to encourage new leaders to receive training themselves, to reach others, and to continue planting other churches where none can be found.  

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