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Baraka's Story - Tanzania

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Baraka's StoryBaraka Yusta was a happy and confident young man with a religious background. But he didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, so when his brother invited him to experiment with drugs, he fell into a dark time that lasted 17 years. He led a life of crime and his only friends were also trapped just like him.

Deep down inside, Baraka was convinced he did not want to be the kind of person he had been portraying to others. He felt the Lord wanted him to do something in His Kingdom but he just couldn’t seem to shake free from the life he was living. “I was really comfortable being a criminal and using drugs. I did not make a decision to receive Christ in my life, so I just kept living my sinful life,” shares Baraka.

Using drugs and breaking the law caused Baraka to have several near-death experiences. He knows now only God could have saved him from it all. Those experiences eventually led Baraka to receive Christ into his life. Praise the Lord he changed completely after experiencing the transforming, saving power of Jesus! Soon after receiving Christ in his life, he felt God’s call to be a church planter. He was equipped through the training and materials provided to him from Multiplication Network Ministries (MNM).

Today, after completing the MNM training, Baraka is a church planter. He is seeing the impact it is making in his ministry to others. “I saw a huge difference in my ministry after I received my training through MNM.” Baraka is contagious with excitement about the training and mentoring he received. He recommends the MNM training process be used to teach all the pastors he knows in the Tanzania Assemblies of God churches. “MNM’s training and materials have sharpened me like a knife for the ministry the Lord has given me,” he says.

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