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Lifetime Stewardship Journey

There are specific times and events in your life when planning your gifts can result in a great benefit for both you and your favorite charities.

"Where you are" in your Christian living and giving journey, may depend on what life stage you are experiencing. That is why we have identified four different life stages and associated giving opportunities and resources unique to each life stage.

You may select the life stage giving opportunities and resources you wish to explore by clicking on the appropriate box.

Life Stories of Kingdom Support

For over 36 years, Barnabas Foundation has helped many individuals and families achieve their charitable giving goals and make a lasting impact, not only for their families, but also for the cause of Christ. Here are some of their life stories.







To talk more with a Multiplication Network team member please contact Steve Chittenden (425) 238-9018, Jon Voget (949) 701-0335 or Rik Mumma (949) 280-7985.

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